Video Marketer banned for not mentioning ‘Personal Brand’ in his post

A prominent Video Marketer with 20000+ connections faced the penalty from the leading social media networking site for not mentioning ‘Personal Brand’ in his entire post.

As per the sources he got the distinction for being the first person in the world to witness such action.

How can he call himself a Video Marketer in 2020 if he missed to mention “personal brand” in his social media post. This is sacrilege. ” said a senior marketer from social media giant.

She further added – “This is a serious concern and soon we will release a new feature to detect all the posts of “Video Marketers” for the ‘personal brand’ mention. In case the word is missing, the profile will be blocked for 7 days and will attract life ban for subsequent default.”

Other prominent Video Marketers have welcomed the move and posted “I Love Personal Brand” to show their support in favour of this new feature.

The news was met with anxiety for Non Video Marketers as they are confused whether to mention “personal brand’ in their posts or not.

We at Vidsaga are keeping a tab on the situation and will update our readers shortly

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Disclaimer – This was a fun article and not to be confused with the real news


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