Top 5 Healthcare Video Production Companies (2020 Edition)

So if you are looking for healthcare video production companies to outsource your requirement, then you have come to  the right place.

You are completely aware that users now crave for videos and you have to up your video content game. But you & your team are occupied and can’t devote much time on video production.

So you decided to find a trusted partner who can provide video making service. But the challenge is to find a capable and professional vendor who can help with technicalities as well as creativity.

In order to help you with this,  we at have created a list of top healthcare video production companies who are doing a good job.

Here are Top 5 healthcare video production companies

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1. Sequence Health

Sequence Health is a one-stop solution for healthcare related services like medical websites designing, healthcare digital marketing strategies & services, medical advertising and medical & healthcare video production services.

They also help you with online seminars and educational videos.And for managing patients, they also provide services like Healthcare CRM/ EMR integration, medical call center, telehealth, patient portal and chronic care management.

They provide all their systems and services with HIPAA compliance. The company has over 15 years of experience and is based in Atlanta.

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2. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is an emerging healthcare video production company based in Canada. Their expertise lies in creating explainer videos, testimonial videos, educational videos, commercial videos, corporate videos and branded videos production for  healthcare, educational, startup and non-profit organizations.

They have collaborated with artists, designers, animators and filmmakers from all around the World.

Some of their prominent clients include BlueCross BlueShield, Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix and Discovery Education.

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3. Epic Productions

Epic Productions has a speciality in producing medical device explainer videos.  Video production services they provide are corporate videos, animation videos, product demo videos, commercial videos, 360 videos and website videos.

They also provide digital marketing and website designing services. The company is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and has  around 16 years of experience in the field .

Their clientele includes Marriott, Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment, Banner Health and HP Computers.

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4. Kasra Design

Kasra Design is a healthcare video company. They provide video production services like explainer videos, corporate videos, startup videos, commercial videos and non-profit videos.

The company has its office in Malaysia as well as in the United states.They have a very talented and creative team of designers, animators, script writers and artists.

 They have won many awards and some of them are Gold Award in Indigo Design Awards, Best commercial second place in Los Angeles Animation Festival and Best Animation Award in Independent Film Awards, London.

Some of their prominent clients are Schneider Electric, Commonwealth Bank, WWF, Intel and Dell.

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5. Studio Rossiter

Studio Rossiter is a medical and healthcare video production company based in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of video production.

They help you with videos for  explaining pharmaceutical products, promoting medical labs, showing healthcare facilities or influencing medical professionals & public bodies. 

They have created thousands of videos and have won awards like London Transport Awards, AV Awards and RedRose Awards.

They have worked for Disney Store, British Red Cross, Heathrow and Heinz.

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