Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors in Australia (2021 Edition)

Video Marketing has seen a great evolution in past few years in all the regions and departments.

The changes are not just limited to mediums and technology but also to the approach and appeals of the video marketing campaigns.

These disruptor’s innovative approach and thought process is somewhere to be credited for all the developments that have taken place.

Therefore with the sole perspective of recognizing the hard work and appreciating the thought of these disruptors Vidsaga has complied the list of Top 25 Video Marketing Disruptors of Australia.

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1.Maree McCabe – CEO, Dementia Australia

2. Shane Wallace – CEO, WorkApp

3. Matt Gray – Head Of Marketing, Vegemite

4. Adam Stapleton – CEO, Grill’d

5. Erica Berchtold – CEO, The Iconic

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6. Matt Barrie – CEO, Freelancer

7. Dan Ferguson – CMO, Adore Beauty

8. Henry Brydon – CEO & Founder, We Are Explorers

9. Ahmed H. – Co-Founder & CEO, Zookal

10. Zach Kitschke – CMO, Canva

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11. Ryan Hanly – CEO & Co-Founder, Travello

12.Tim Fung – Founder & CEO, Airtasker

13. Paul Bradshaw – Managing Director, BCF

14. Pan Koutlakis – CEO, EatClub

15. Jim Sturgess – CEO, Australian Made

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16. Michael Pirone – Co-founder & Director, Vidico

17. Nick Molnar – Co-Founder, Afterpay

18. Kate Whitney – CMO, Dinnerly

19. Matt Brand – CEO, The Good Mood Food

20. Zara Cobb – CMO, Lendi

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21. Dony Milham – Co-Founder, Koala

22. Nikki Clarkson – CMO, Triple M

23. Susan Coghill – CMO, Tourism Australia

24. Christine Holgate – CEO, Australia Post

25. Peter Filipovic – CEO, Carlton Dry

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