TikTok Video Marketing Quiz

Do you think you are a creative TikToker? Or posting your videos on TikTok will make you a TikTok Expert?. Then try to answer these TikTok video marketing quiz questions.

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1. Which of the following options is not present on the profile page of Tiktok?
    a. All Videos
    b. Blocked Videos
    c. Private Videos
    d. Liked Videos

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2. What is the maximum file size of video ads you can upload on TikTok?
    a. 75 MB
    b. 100 MB
    c. 500 MB
    d. 250 MB

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3. If you ‘long press’ on somebody’s public video on TikTok, which option will you not get?
    a. Delete Video
    b. Add to Favorites
    c. Not Interested
    d. Save Video

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4. Which of the following aspect ratios you can not use for your TikTok in-feed video ad?
    a. 9:16
    b. 16:9
    c. 4:3
    d. 1:1

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5. What is the name of the parent company of Tiktok?
    a. Snapchat
    b. Douyin
    c. Bytedance
    d. Musical.ly

    1. Blocked Videos
    2. 500 MB
    3. Delete Video
    4. 4:3
    5. Bytedance

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