“Our approach to communication has always been to get the audience to sit up and take notice.” Ketan Kulkarni

“The brand BlueDart enjoys very high familiarity with the audience, so it is always a creative challenge that we take up to create communication that is better than before and ensure it does justice to the image we have built.”

– Ketan Kulkarni, CMO & Head, Business Development, Blue Dart. 

Blue Dart has always tried to come up with interesting campaigns in the past. The creativity and quality of service has always been their key focus. 

Recently they came up with the campaign – “We Move So Your World Can Move”. We talked to Ketan and learnt the story behind this campaign. Read on to know more.

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1. What is Blue Dart’s internal process of coming up with an ad campaign?

Blue Dart is one of the best brands in the logistics space and one of the most preferred brands when it comes to moving critical shipments. 

However, the express logistics category is such that you only understand the importance of a reliable partner when there is an urgent need felt by you or your organization. The rest of the time the category remains in the background. 

So, the task that we set for any ad campaign is its ability to stand out and also make a point succinctly. 

We always want the messaging to be single-minded to register with the audiences.

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2. We Move So Your World Can Move” is an interesting concept? How did you conceptualise the campaign? Please share the story behind making it?

India, like the world, was unfortunately struck by the pandemic. People could not move from their homes and everyone was learning how to live their lives in this new normal. 

Being the Trade Facilitator of the nation, Blue Dart has always had a ‘First In, Last Out’ approach and we have always supported our nation to ensure the continuity of the mission critical supply chain. 

Apart from the regular shipments, these also included pandemic-related medical equipment – PPE kits, Masks, gloves, blood samples, medical equipment to name some. 

Given this scenario, we are proud to say that all through the pandemic we continued our services – with our six Boeing 757 aircraft flying across the country and our Blue Darters ensuring that the shipments reached their desired destinations. 

We wanted this ad campaign to highlight this important role that we play in people’s lives and how we ensure timely service each time, every time. 

With this in mind, we re-engaged with our agency, Network. They had been our partners for many years albeit a gap of a few years. They know us and our business inside-out. 

In the course of our discussions with them, our Managing Director, Balfour Manuel, told them about the small and big instances of how we have performed our role as the Trade Facilitator during the pandemic. 

Network was sharp enough to get to the root of these discussions, and they quickly cracked the creative proposition ‘We move, so your world can move’

This was a beautiful articulation of the role that we play in everyone’s life. This thought was then expressed through three different situations in our ad films. 

Also, Network decided to seed a larger thought of converting Blue Dart into a ‘verb’ over a period of time with the caption #BlueDartIt. Our plans, going forward, is to keep building on this.

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3. How do you plan the launch and media for the campaign?

Our business is largely B2B, so the media plan was drawn up to reach these audiences. We used a mix of TV and Digital to reach our audiences in a focused manner. 

Also, from a creative stand-point we used the ad films along with Static creatives to add on multiple messages that make strong points about Blue Dart – these could be facts not generally in the limelight but imagery which needed to be put across to our audiences.

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4. According to you, how can one get the messaging right for a Video Ad campaign?

As an internal brand custodian, there are many salient points and value propositions that one may want to highlight. 

However, the danger with saying too many things is we end up confusing our audience. 

We believe in weeding out the things that add complexity and take away from the simplicity of Blue Dart. 

That way one arrives at a single-minded proposition which makes the communication sharper and helps register the USP better.

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5. Name the team behind this

Agency: Network Advertising

Chief Operating Officer: D B Murli

Chief Creative Officer: Shayondeep Pal

Creative Team: Pervin Bhesania, Komal Ranjan

Account Management: GVK Samson, Arunashish Chaudhary

Production House: Karman Line Films

Director: Viveck Daaschaudhary

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About Ketan

I am a Chief Marketing Officer and Head – Business Development at Blue Dart, South Asia’s premier express air and integrated transportation distribution and logistics company and part of Deutsche Post DHL group.
I have a rich and varied experience of over 26 years across industries as diverse as FMCG,
Advertising, Alcoholic Beverages and Travel goods.
I joined Blue Dart in December 2006, and am currently responsible for new business development, product innovations, process improvement, customer activation and loyalty, market research, strategic intelligence, public relations, corporate communications and sustainability.
I have been an advisory council of the CMO Asia Council and have received numerous awards across forums in the areas of Marketing, Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility.
I also hold the jury position at the BSE – Corporate Responsibility Awards, the SIFE Enactus Panel and the Asia HR Congress.

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Vidsaga is a global marketplace for Organisations to create Videos. Consider it as “Upwork/ Fiverr for videos” with Creative script writing and professional project management.

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