Snapchat Video Marketing Quiz

Making different faces and using various lenses will only not make you a Snapchat expert. Check this Snapchat video marketing quiz and try to answer the below questions and increase your knowledge about Snapchat.

1. What is the maximum size of long form video you can upload on Snapchat?
    a. 100 MB
    b. 500 MB
    c. 1 GB
    d. 2 GB

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2. Snapchat’s personalised cartoon show is known as?
    a. IGTV
    b. Social TV
    c. Bitmoji TV
    d. Snapchat TV

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3. What is the maximum duration of video ads on snapchat?
    a. 1 Minute
    b. 2 Minutes
    c. 3 Minutes
    d. 5 Minutes

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4. How many maximum people can do a video chat on snapchat at one time?
    a. 5
    b. 8
    c. 10
    d. 15

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5. After how much time the chats are deleted from group chats in snapchat?
    a. 12 Hours
    b. 24 Hours
    c. 36 Hours
    d. 48 Hours


    1. 1 GB
    2. Bitmoji TV
    3. 3 Minutes
    4. 15
    5. 24 Hours

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