Whiteboard Animation – PlanBuddy, India

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00:00 meet you you like to hang out friends

00:04family colleagues the more the merrier

00:06move you propose

00:08she says dinner he says night out

00:12everyone suggests something with so many

00:15choices you fight out

00:17sorting adding counting but confusion

00:23still mounting you are exhausted the

00:27mood the merrier

00:28or the more is the barrier introducing

00:31plan body your friend indeed for your

00:34planning needs cursed when everyone has

00:36the voice planned body steps in and

00:38closes you the choice and not just that

00:41plan buddy actually indulges you with

00:44the choices finest recommendations from

00:47the top bloggers events experiences and

00:50showstoppers bestest off offers for the

00:53group fish offered meet people make


00:57cherish together your common ends

00:58because your plan buddy to ensure your

01:00plans workout you be the you who likes

01:03to hang out

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