Learn about Interactive Marketing from the expert Pouya Hashemi

Using interactive marketing, brands use storytelling to transform the way they engage with customers, and using its cutting-edge interactive technology, a presentation becomes a conversation and products come alive at the customer’s fingertips.”

 – Pouya Hashemi, Founder | CTO , SpinTouch.

In today’s time, the challenge for every brand is to engage its customers This is only possible when they can communicate with the customers personally and grab their attention. 

Interactive marketing is one such initiative that is triggered by customers’ behaviour and preferences, to develop their curiosity and trust.

We talked to Pouya to learn more about initiative marketing. Read on to learn about it.

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1. What is Interactive marketing and why businesses should adopt interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing, sometimes called trigger-based or event-driven marketing, is a marketing strategy that uses two-way communication channels to allow consumers to connect with a company directly. 

Using interactive marketing, brands use storytelling to transform the way they engage with customers. 

Using its cutting-edge interactive technology, a presentation becomes a conversation and products come alive at the customer’s fingertips. 

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2. What are some good interactive marketing examples you have come across?

A great example is Horizon Yachts

When confronted with the logistical limitations of bringing over 30 yachts to a showroom floor and the challenge of maximizing ROI at a major trade show, Horizon Yachts turned to spinTouch to stand out and turn visitors into buyers. 

Beyond developing an integrated system of displays and tablets, we delivered immersive experiences for prospects and an agile sales platform for Horizon Yachts’ salespeople. 

This approach became critical to personalize demos for each visitor with precision and speed. 

Through Interactive Consultation, Content Design & Implementation along with On-Site Hardware/Software Support we were able to come up with digital solutions that cater to our customer’s needs. 

Another great example comes from TP-Link. During the CES trade show, TP-Link needed a compelling way to draw consumers over to their booth to showcase their Deco Wifi-Fi solution in a visually inspiring and educational fashion. 

As a result, we created the “paint your home on Wi-Fi” interactive experience which brought in thousands of visitors throughout the course of the show. 

Consumers were so intrigued by the digital experience that they brought over their peers and passersby to the booth, urging them to give the Deco touch table experience a try. 

After receiving an overwhelming response, TP-Link also utilized the same approach on live television, showcasing a visual explanation of their technology for HSN. 

It was one of the most successful shows due to the empowering video that really showcased the technology in an informative and functional manner.

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3. According to you, what are interactive marketing’s best practices?

To stay ahead of the curve it is important to utilize the best practices for interactive marketing such as the user driven experience, generating curiosity, and measuring. 

User driven experience is thinking about how users ingest the content. Unlike traditional video content or powerpoint presentations, interactive marketing allows users to jump into the parts that they want to learn about without losing their audience. 

For example, let’s say someone is interested in purchasing a car and wants to learn about the safety features. In the format of a video, it may start with other information such as speed, build, model, etc. which will result in losing the customers’ interest and likely their sales. 

Through interactive marketing, customers can get straight to the point on what they are interested in.

It is also important to generate curiosity by grabbing the interest of your audience with marketing initiatives such as a sneak peek video on an upcoming launch, dynamic content, or hidden information in a mystery game. 

Lastly, be sure to measure. In order to meet or exceed your goals, it is important to measure your performance and better understand if your messaging is driving conversions. 

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4. What advice would you like to give marketers who want to adopt interactive marketing?  

My advice for those who want to adopt interactive marketing is to utilize the tools and resources available. 

It is also extremely important to understand any potential issues and have solutions on hand to limit troubleshooting. 

Most importantly, never give up. There are times when you may want to quit but stay in tune with the industry and how you can create a solution to a problem. 

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About Pouya (in his own words) 

I used to work in the mortgage industry and 2008 was not a good time for the market. However, I wasn’t satisfied in my job or the industry so I saw it as an opportunity and used it to build my own business. 

SpinTouch confronts a fundamental issue in marketing — how to get people’s attention and make a lasting impression. 

When I was running my import company I kept asking, “what can we do beyond pretty pictures and bold type to really deliver a wow factor?” I found my answer on a trip to Europe where a few people were experimenting with interactive technology. 

No one in the U.S. was working on it and I knew businesses were missing out. Fortunately, I’ve been interested in bleeding-edge technology since I was a kid so tinkering with the prototypes in the garage with a bunch of used electronics was right up my alley. 

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