18 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Corporate Video Makers in Mumbai

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If you are someone who is looking to corporate video makers in Mumbai, I and my team will personally help you with it.

Not only that, I will also help you to understand your requirements and suggest the best way moving forward on it.

That’s about what I can do for you. Even if I’m not able to help you, or you don’t want my help for some reason (Lol!), I want to give you the right process and questions you can ask to find and hire corporate video makers in Mumbai.

If you google right now and search corporate video makers in Mumbai, you’ll get tons and tons of search results.

You can have all these people contact you if you want that to happen. But once you have all these potential corporate video makers who want to work with you,the next thing you should figure out is who is the right FIT to work with your brand.

I honestly feel there should be three main metrics to select corporate film makers in Mumbai.

Metrics to select corporate video makers in Mumbai

  1. Pricing: Price that you are looking for
  2. Quality: Quality that you are looking for
  3. Time: Timelines that you are looking for

You are the business owner and you know how to figure out a fit between all these things and make it work for your brand.

You might want to consider all the things before you sign up for a corporate film making engagement.

One more important thing which I feel a lot of people miss out is that, they have a rough idea of what they want in their corporate engagement but they don’t know how well to represent it and what format of video to use for it.

In fact when we worked with our clients in the past, they had the same issue.

They weren’t very clear on what they wanted as the end results for their brand.

They didn’t know what they wanted out of their corporate movie.

So we helped them in building a strategy for their brand, and also giving them a goal to run after once the video marketing engagement is cleared thoroughly.

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Like, for example, when we worked with Shell for a corporate movie, we defined their marketing strategy and helped them get 2.5 million views on their videos.

We even worked with MySmartPrice and helped them define their overall marketing strategy and got them a better marketing jingle that went on to define the metrics and gave the brand an overall huge boost.

Measuring ROI

Secondly, to all the brands that we spoke to, they were unclear about the video production process. They were unclear about how they’ll measure ROI on their video marketing engagement. They also didn’t know how to make the first step.

That’s where we help them mathematically in measuring everything and make it easy for them to decide.

For example, we explain them in simple terms that if your video budget is for 1 lac rupees, you’ll be able to get 5-7 lac views, and also explain them how they’ll get their return on it.

Similarly, we do other things as well.

But for now, let’s stick to the process how you can find and select the right prospect for video making.

(Are you looking for corporate video makers in Mumbai? Click here and submit your details and we’ll FIND you the best corporate video makers in Mumbai right away.)

There are few simple things which you should keep in mind before hiring corporate video makers in Mumbai.

a) Set your goals properly:

Setting your goals properly is the key to having a successful video marketing engagement. It’s like if you don’t know what you want, you won’t be able to have anything in your hand.

You need to get clear about your goals.

Is this a corporate brand image boosting exercise?

Are you doing this for more leads?

You doing it for CSR?

Are you doing to promote a certain product/product line?

So after having an internal discussion with the key responsible people or marketing division, try to come up with a version of how you want to define your goals. You ask questions to your prospect as to how they can help you in achieving your marketing goals.

b) Distribution channels:

You need to be really focused on where exactly will you be able to promote your content. For instance, if you are a legal company, you wouldn’t be able to advertise it on any platform. You’ll have to find out organic routes that promote your content best.

Similarly, having properly defined distribution channels like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Quora and others, are really critical.

For instance, if you are a brand that deals with legal services, you can’t promote it through advertising. You’ll have to take the route of organic push through all the mediums, since advertising is prohibited in legal industry.

c) Keep you budget in check:

Corporate video engagement is not an activity which you perform every week or month. It is a consuming process and it might happen once in a decade for any company. So to keep everything in check, you’ll have to budget in advance of your corporate movie.

You can have the budget discussion with your main marketing executives, Or if you are the business owner, then you can question your prospect corporate video maker about how you can get the return on your investment back through video marketing.

So whenever you have a conversation with your budget releasing people in your company, you should suggest them the ideal scenarios and how you’ll be able to make money back in the video engagement process.

Once you are all set with your core strategy, the next thing you need to ask is the right questions and filter out all the prospects who aren’t the right choice for your brand.

18 questions to keep in mind before hiring a corporate video makers in Mumbai

1) How long have you been working in the video production industry?

The reason you might want to ask this question is because, if you are making a corporate movie, you’d want to work with someone who has a fair share of industry experience. Corporate video production is an engagement which you don’t do every now and then. You do it, maybe once or twice in a decade.

So if you are focused on preparing quality outcomes, then you need to be sure whether the person you are working with, have enough relevant experience or not.

Asking someone how long they have been doing in the industry is a good way to know that.

2) How many movies have you done so far?

The number of movies they have done is another metric to understand about their ability to produce quality work. This doesn’t mean that the more movies they have worked on, the better they’d be.

But if you compare someone who has done hundreds of movies vs someone who has worked only a dozen movies, you might be able to see the stark difference in the kind of quality these guys will produce for their clients.

3) What is your team strength and how many people will work on my project?

Team strength isn’t a very important factor. But if you are someone who want the work to be done at a rapid pace and are looking for extra helping hands. then this might be a relevant question for your case.

If I would be spending a 5-6 figure amount on a corporate movie, that represents my brand image. I would be very interested in knowing how many people would be working on my corporate movie.

4) What is your work culture like and do you identify with our work culture or not? If yes, then what things do you find in common in our case?

The key aspect behind this question is that you want to find out the ethics and value system of your prospect corporate video maker. If there is a company who really believes in their craft and consider themselves the best in their job, they’d do a far better job for your company compared with a team which is taking up your corporate gig as a mere job.

Especially in a profession like filmmaking, you can really see the passion in their work.

5) How can I measure the return on my investment?

Until now, this is used to be one of the most trickiest questions people used to ask us. We have just recently figured out how to explain this question in a more elaborative sense, where you can measure the outcome of every single rupee that you spend on your corporate movie.

You can click here and read my piece on how to measure every rupee that you spend on your corporate movie engagement.

Most of the people will not be able to answer you on this. If they can’t answer you on this question, they won’t be able to deliver the right value to your brand, as well. They might be the best people in terms of movie making, but they aren’t the right people when it comes to video marketing.

A successful corporate video making engagement means that you have both the pieces: good movie making and good video marketing in place, to make it successful.

6) What is the best work you have done till date? And why did it work so well?

This is a question asked with a purpose because you want to know what exactly is the skill and calibre of the team you are dealing with. If they call an average movie something that they are extremely proud of, then there is something definitely wrong there.

The other purpose you want to ask this question is because, you want to know why did their particular engagement work so well, and also you are looking for that secret piece of sauce which helped them in making this particular video really successful.

If they do mention that, then you can ask them if they can replicate the same success formula in your corporate video as well. This task itself would be a challenge for them, and if they can pull this off, the rewards would be great for you too.

7) What is your USP? And how would you say your work is better than others in the market?

Whatever product or service you are selling there has to be a USP to it. If you can’t define your USP vs others in the market, then you probably don’t deserve to be in the market. Try asking this question to the prospect corporate video maker.

This might make them slightly uncomfortable, initially, but it is important to ask, since you want to work with someone who is confident about their craft and abilities, and your corporate video engagement’s outcome is solely dependent on that.

So try asking this question and ask them to review the quality of their work as well, as compared to others in the market, with the same budget and quality on offer.

8) How early can we start working on our project?

This question would mainly address their team’s ability to work fast and deliver projects quickly. When you pitch a question like this, the thing you should look out for is, what kind of excuse do they make for not being able to work early.

That really would help you in understanding the kind of team they are and their level of readiness when it comes to projects.

9) What are the potential problems that you see coming up in our project?

If you know your problems in advance, imagine the kind of money and time you could save during the process. This is something only expert corporate video makers can do. Planning beforehand for all types of issues is the best way to move forward on any project.

10) Can we map out the timelines of our project?

I think this is really critical from a project management standpoint where you and the prospective corporate video maker team is aware of their milestones and things they need to complete.

If there is a clear charted out plan, you might know what the clear and precise outcomes are. You might have to plan your marketing communication as well, accordingly.

11) What will be the communication lines for our project? How do you want this to workout?

This is more to understand what will be the methods of communication and who all will be responsible for these communication. You could formailse calls, messages, texts or emails as the modes of communication for this project.

12) Can you tell me more about the kind of experience your team has?

With this question, you’d understand more about the kind of varied experience the prospective team brings on board. The more varied and in-depth experience they have, the better it is for you and your brand. Because that way, they’d be able to create an outcome that will be impressive for both the parties.

13) Can you tell me about your script writer and his work experience?

To have a successful corporate video making engagement, the single most important factor that leads to its success is the script.

The script is written by the scriptwriter, and having an expert script writer is a must if you want your corporate movie to stand out in the masses.

(Are you looking for corporate video makers in Mumbai? Click here and submit your details and we’ll FIND you the best corporate video makers in Mumbai right away.)

14) Have you guys worked with anyone from our industry?

This question is mainly to understand whether they have relevant industry experience or not. Because, let’s say, you are working with someone in the automotive sector, and your sector is also automotive.

Then your chances of working with someone who has been in the similar space is much higher, since that person would understand your category and space much better than anyone else out there.

It’s the same way we got Shell as a client, because we had already worked with clients in the automotive sector in the past.

15) Can you provide samples of your past work?

Asking for past work is simple and the idea to ask for that is to understand whether the team you are dealing with, have done any level of remarkable work throughout their company’s existence or not.

This will give you a feel of the kind of expectations you can have as a buyer.

16) Can you refer me to 3 of your past clients whom you have worked and delivered in the past on a personal basis?

By asking to refer for clients, you are trying to dig deep into the working and the style of tasks they do for their clients. You could ask questions to their previous clients about the relationship they have had or the kind of success they have gotten for them.

Try to ask questions for things that matter you the most. It could be price, quality, or ask anything that matters the most to you.

17) How many options do you have for voiceover artists?

This question is mainly to understand whether you have more voiceover options, and not as a buyer.

18) Do you have options for background score?

There are 2 types of background scores: one is stock graphics, and the other is custom score. As buyer, you should be aware of the kind of flexibility you’ll be getting in your package. This way you’ll know what exactly you are buying and what level of quality you can expect with your package.

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