Learn about Effective Content Strategy for Brands from Marcos Bravo C.

Unless you are living under a rock, we don’t need to tell you that Content is the backbone of Marketing nowadays. There is no marketing without content. 

So the question that every marketer and small business faces is – how to plan and strategize for quality content. We talked to Marcos to get answers.

With over 20 years of experience in many industries, Marcos is skilled in Brand Building,  Content Strategy,  Customer Engagement, Marketing Management, and CMO.

Marcos is the brand ambassador of one of the most successful companies in Europe – LiveChat. He is the host of the popular series ‘Success’ on which he shares his experience. 

In this article, he shares his learning about content strategy. Read on to know more. 

1. Tell us about your life journey, Marcos?

I was born in the last year of the ’70s so I’m a Gen X/Millennial marketer. I spent most of my childhood and youth in Chile and my dream was to become a comedian, make people laugh, and inspire them to be better. That made me the class clown and got in a lot of trouble.

In the last year of my university in film making degree, I had the chance to do an internship for Disney World. I applied and got it. It was the best job I ever had (even with min wage). 

Since then I haven’t stopped travelling around the world working for crazy companies always in the sales and marketing areas, from being a sales rep to all the way – CMO. 

Lately, I became the face and video host for one of the most successful companies in Poland, LiveChat, and I’m living my dream of being in front of the camera, sharing fun stories and experiences from my last 20 years of life.

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2. So, what’s the best approach for creating a useful video content strategy?

As most content is already written, the unique value these days is coming from personal views and experiences. 

When being yourself on a video and opening up about who you are and how you are there to share your point of view, you connect with people easily, people relate to you as a person even before relating to the content you are about to share and that makes it more valuable. 

That doesn’t mean this will work for everyone. If you are being yourself and you have the personality of an asshole, that will defo show in the video too.

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3.  Can you share the effective content strategy from a Brand you have come across?

I’m a big fan of what people are doing instead of companies. I’m loving the way people are taking over brands in places like Linkedin by just doing content and starting conversations.

I posted not long ago about how much customers are loving to hear the individual voices that build a company instead of just one voice coming from the brand. When they see that, people understand what’s behind the brands they love, and that’s a great strategy.

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4. How can Businesses keep up with the dynamically changing marketing world?

They gotta go back to basics regularly, every so and so businesses need to review the base of their marketing, customer journey, target personas, value proposition, etc.

The environment changes very fast and reviewing your marketing foundations every so often can help businesses to adapt small bits of their strategy instead of having to reinvent themselves.

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5.  What tips would you like to give to marketers for in-house video creation?

Start ASAP, record stuff in your phone, talk over and over, find your voice, and put content out. Be valuable but also entertaining. Read the comments but be ready for trolls.

People will mostly criticize you heavily on things they cannot do themselves, be ready for that but never stop. You have a unique voice, find it, and exploit it.

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