Would ID Verification Reduce Social Media Trolling? (2023 Edition)

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Security and Trolling are the two major subject on social media in today’s time. Thus Vidsaga has come up with a video to highlight these two in our this next hack video for all the marketers.

Preventing Misleading Content

– Facebook implemented new regulations that require advertisers running political ads  to have a US-based mailing address.

– As per  ‘Page Publishing Authorization’ program, large Facebook Pages put through a required ID process, in order to confirm their information, which Facebook expanded to personal profiles in May last year

– Instagram also implemented similar system to provide identification information in case owners of profiles found to be connected with suspicious behavior

How Social Media ID Verification works?

– When opening a new social media account, a verified form of ID is required.

– Person under the age of 18 needs to verify the account with the ID of a parent.


-Linking an identity to each person’s online persona, people will be less emboldened to abuse and attack people online, as there may well be legal consequences for such.

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