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Video Production has 3 major elements

  • Creative Script Writing
  • Video Creation
  • Project Management

And instead of taking price for all the 3 elements, we have created 3 packages to choose from as per your budget and requirement

Basic Package – Video Creation

Work with Video Creators directly with Vidsaga’s Price Security and in built Project Management Tool

Managed Package – Video Creation + Expert Project Management

Vidsaga will manage the project on your behalf and ensure timely delivery and promised quality

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Premium – Creative Script Writing + Video Creation + Project Management

A complete solution to produce Videos

Script Writing Price

–>Animation Videos Script Writing Price

Creative Script writing – $150

–>Corporate Videos Script Writing Price

Script writing – $250

–>Ad Film Script Writing Price:

Script writing – $1000

Leverage the power of video now to grow your Business

Estimate of Video Production Cost

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Animation Video Procuction Price – $300 to $1800

Estimate of Live Shoot Video Production Cost

Corporate Video Production Price – $400 to $2500

Estimate of Live Shoot Ad film Price

Ad film Production Price – $2000+

About Vidsaga :

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