Video Marketing Story: SleepyCat’s “Spreading Smiles at Baale Mane”

We were able to communicate the intended message through our video. As a result, we got hundreds of people appreciating us via various means like social media, email and calls. Goes to show that every such effort counts!

Kabir along with his team and Video director –  Talen Claude created a social impact video. 

Read on to know the story behind this video marketing activity from Kabir himself.

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The business objective with this Video Marketing Campaign

Our intent to create this video was purely to show our community how thankful we are to them. We wanted to show that the SleepyCat family goes beyond providing mattresses and such initiatives are made possible thanks to each and every SleepyCat customer. 

SleepyCat wants to spread the goodness of sleep among all. which is why we try our best to give back to society in our own way. 

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Conceptualization and Execution – Video Production

We wanted to make it simple and as real as possible.

While doing our research we found that shelter homes and NGOs are places where there is a high demand of mattresses but many do not have the means to provide them.

So, we try to partner with such organizations whenever possible. We had first partnered with Hope Kolkata, a shelter home for Boys. We later tied up with Global Citizen India that helped us identify Baale Mane for our second donation drive. It is a lovely shelter home for girls based in Bangalore. We were able to fill all the rooms at the shelter with comfy mattresses for the children there.

The Global Citizen India team put us through to the administrative team at Baale Mane. We were granted permission by the team for the project and had a chance to first do the initial reiki of the location. We hired a video creator ( he and his team functioned from Bangalore as well) who joined us a day before the event for reiki and we decided the shots to be taken, the flow of the event and rehearsed the script. 

We visited the home, interacted with the team there, played games and had a lovely meal with everyone at the shelter. We let the children open some of the mattress boxes and seeing their faces light up was what made all of the efforts worth it! Knowing that they would be able to sleep peacefully gave a sense of pride and fulfillment as a brand.

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Video distribution plan

We put the video up on our Giving Back section on our website –

Once it was shared there, we put it on all our social media channels like – Facebook and Instagram. We also promoted it via Youtube.

Our PR agency reached out to top publications to gain press coverage

But most importantly, we sent this video to all our customers to see. As it is because of them that the SleepyCat community exists and their purchases are what helps us continue giving back to such homes.

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Tips for Video Marketers

– The purpose of any video is to provide the right messaging. Once you know what you are trying to convey through your video, identifying your audience and the channels where they are present the most becomes much easier.

– Try to keep your video content as relatable as possible and avoid filling extra information. The shorter the video the most it will be consumed. 

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About Kabir Siddiq

Kabir Siddiq graduated from Indiana University, USA, with a double major in Economics and Telecommunications. He kick-started his career as an Investment Banker in Mumbai. Kabir later moved on to entrepreneurship and joined his family business which was related to the furniture industry. During the same period, he won the distributorship account for traditional mattresses in Eastern India. It was during this time that he recognized the problems in the mattress industry and conceptualized the idea of SleepyCat – India 1st Mattress In A Box. He did extensive research before starting this brand. He understood the industry and his audience the most which is why developing the product and channels to market it was relatively a smoother process. 

Spreading Smiles at Baale Mane

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