Top 6 Whiteboard Video Production Companies (2020 Edition)

There are 900,000 search results on Google  for “whiteboard video production companies”. So the problem is not – how to find a whiteboard video creator but how to decide which one is ‘best fit’?

Once you have decided to outsource white board video requirement, you need a trusted partner who can help you with creativity as well as video making. The vendor should be a professional who can deliver on time and experienced who can deliver the desired quality. 

In order to help Organizations, we at have created a list of top whiteboard video production companies that match all the criteria.

The idea is also to recognise these video production companies for their good work.

Here are Top 6 whiteboard video production companies

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1. Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos is a creative whiteboard video production company. They have a team of very talented video creators, directors and animators. 

Their other video production services include explainer videos, educational videos, How-To videos, commercial videos and internal communication videos.

They have created over hundreds of videos for more than 30 countries and in 15 different languages for the industries like education, financial, healthcare, IT and marketing & advertising.

The company is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and some of their prominent clients include Walmart, Mckesson, DocuSign, Vodafone and Brown Forman.

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2. WowMakers

WowMakers provides whiteboard video production services and is based in Bengaluru, India. They also provide other video production services like explainer videos, corporate videos and live action videos.

Their  long list of clients include  Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Citi Bank, Ministry of Municipality & Environment Qatar and Paytm.

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3. IdeaRocket

IdeaRocket is considered as one of the  top quality whiteboard video creators in New York. Their services include 2D/3D animation, motion graphics and live action, internal videos, commercials and startup videos production.

They have worked for the industries like healthcare, technology, financial and education. 

The company has won awards like Telly Award for branded content, Communicator Award of Excellence for Santa Monica Fair Housing and AI-AP’s International Motion Art Award for its promotional web video.

Their clientele includes Alcatel-Lucent, Bank of America, EA Sports, Fort and Metlife.

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4. The Draw Shop

The Draw Shop is one of the top whiteboard video companies based in San Diego, California. Services provided by them are animated sales & marketing videos, animated product explainer videos, animated training videos, cartoon videos and Videolab promo/explainer videos.

With over 10 years of experience in the field they have worked for clients like Google, Cypress Home Care Solutions and Kurbo Health.

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5. Broadcast2World

Broadcast2World is one of the top whiteboard animation video companies. Their animation services include 3D animation, infographics, motion graphics and cartoon videos production. 

Their other video solutions are animated commercial videos, explainer videos, product videos, music videos and social media videos.

With above 10 years of experience they have created more than 3,00,000 seconds of videos for over 2000 clients based in around 20 countries. Their client list includes names like Microsoft, McAfee, Fujitsu, Ondeck and Symantec.

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6. Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is a whiteboard animation video production company based in Canada. They have one office in the USA as well. Their other video production services are explainer videos, motion graphics, training videos, demo videos and corporate videos.

They have worked for the industries like technology, startups, education, healthcare, non-profit and real-estate for the clients like ImPark, Goldcorp, NanoPay, Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health.

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