Top 11 startups with best product demo video (2020 edition)

In the sales funnel, product demo videos are used for converting prospects into clients.  

But, don’t we all agree that a majority of product videos are boring? Well, product demo videos can be much more than just demonstrating the use case of the product. Just boasting the uniqueness of the product may not always result in sales. 

As they say – Show, Don’t tell. Showing the audience what your product really does is always a good idea.

In order to simplify the product demo video production for startups and other organizations, we have curated the top 11 Indian companies who have created the best product demo videos, which surely raised the bar (and sales). 

Why are these videos on the list? – Our selection criteria

  1. Is the primary focus on the problem the product solves rather than the features?
  2. Creative use of animation and colors.
  3. Is the storyline for the product video creative and interesting?
  4. Humor in the product demo video.
  5. How did they replicate a user experience in the demo video?
  6. Is there a clear CTA?

So,  here are

Top 11 startups who created the best product demo video

Disclaimer: The motive of this article is to highlight and recognize the best Product demo videos of startups. The list is based on our judgment and there could be more companies who are doing good work.

1. IMI Connect: 

IMI connect did not follow the general practice of using a voice over while displaying the use case of software. They have used only the visuals and graphics to demonstrate their product, Well Good Job!

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2. Superbottoms

Superbotttoms make cloth diapers for babies. A good concept executed well. The product demo video justifies the reusability of the diaper same as other clothes. This video explains every minute details of the product focusing on the pain point every newborn parent faces. 

3. Winzo

Winzo is a gaming app. They too have broken the stereotype of adding the voice over. They have created a product explainer video for the app without any voice over. 

Well played with colors and animation Winzo!. 

4. Wondrx

Wondrx is a smart Rx paper that digitizes your doctor’s prescription without the use of expensive software.

How many of us have thought to make the product video with stock videos and images? Well, Wondrx has done a splendid job with this. They have cleverly used the stock images and video to demonstrate the pain point of doctors and patients and its definitely a creative approach to reach the audience.

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5. Anchaile technologies

Who have thought preparing instant food at distant places will be so easy. Anchaile technologies have made this easy with heatomap. Heatomap is a powerless food heater. This video justifies the use case of the product in a stepwise and organized manner. 

6. Classpro

This video is the perfect example of how you can learn the software with a video. Classpro has made it very easy for new users to understand the software and how to use it. 

7. Symbo Insurance

They made the best use of motion graphics and animations to show the working of the app. Just by checking the video, one can understand the complete process of using the app. 

And this ease of explanation gets Symbo to the list. 

8. Smart Pak

What is better than replicating the user view in the demo video. Or Should we say how about a user demonstrating how they used the product? 

A combination of client testimonial and the product demo. Cleverly Executed Smart Pack! 

9. Diagnopein Diagnostics

Finding a vein is a painful and repetitive process several times. Diagnopein has made it easy and hassle-free with Vein illuminator technology. They have very nicely demonstrated how this technology will make the task of vein finding very easy. 

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10. King Koil

King Koil created an Ad film to demonstrate the manufacturing and special features of their mattress. They did practical tests that showed why they call this the best mattress. 

And the best thing you do not get bored even when watching a 4-minute product video. A flawless demonstration. 

11. Pick right

Screencast video is a great way to demonstrate software. Pick right has wisely used motion graphics and screencast to demonstrate their app. 

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People generally do a lot of research before buying a product and a majority of customers buy the product only after seeing the product demo video. 

This is where Product demo videos help. So, instead of researching – how to make a product demo video, get inspired by these videos and show how your product can   simplify your customer’s life. 

If you need any help, please submit your video requirement below.

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