Top 5 Book Trailer Video Production Companies (2020 Edition)

Let me guess – you are a published author and looking for book trailer video production companies to promote your book (read – hard work)

So if this is the case, we have created this article specifically for people like you. We all know the importance for a video trailer for a new released book.

But what we do not know is – how to find a book trailer video production company that can create an enticing trailer.  

The problem is not how to find the best video production companies or where to find them but whom to trust. As an author, you need a partner (not just a vendor) who is creative, experienced, and credible.

To solve this, we at have made this list of top book trailer video production companies who are best in their craft. Have a look!

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1. Matt of all Media

Matt of all media is a book video production company. Their main services are book trailers, animated explainer videos, event videos, infinite white videos, product video, real estate videos, testimonial videos, professional videos, business profile videos, website commercials etc.

Additionally, they also provide website design, music videos, talent reels, photo to video slideshows, internet video encoding, and video  resume services.

They have a lot of experience and a huge client base with companies like Q Industries, Lucid Pointe, Car Lifts Plus, RC Flightline, The Gamers Thumb, and many more.

They are one of the top video production companies providing high quality videos and customer services.

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2. Film 14

Film 14 is one of the top book trailer production companies. They are highly experienced book trailer makers and they make trailers for book series, novels, non-fiction titles, memoir, etc. 

Film 14 has been featured in many big portals such as The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, Hypable, The creative Pen, etc.

Many famous authors such as Stefan Kiesbye, Deborah Henry, Julie Kirton Chandler have said amazing things about the company. 

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3. Loewenherz Creative

Loewenherz Creative is a book trailer production company. They provide three types of book trailer services such as custom made trailers, pre-made trailers, and revealers.

Their book trailers are featured by many media portals such as CBS, FOX, CW, NBC, The Miami Herald, the salt lake tribune, etc.

They have a huge client list with many famous books such as Extinction End, First One Down, the City of Magi, Dear Crossing, Branch of Inferno, The Dreamers Curse, and many others.

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4. Arizona Video Company

Arizona Video Company is a book trailer video production company. They have expertise in making book trailers, TV commercials, web videos, company videos, how-to videos, silent looping videos, event videos, corporate presentations, etc.

Other than this, they also provide video marketing DVD Authoring, voice talent, and graphic design services.

They have worked with a  lot of companies and their founder Patrick Sipperly has years of experience in video production and book trailer videos.

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5. Paramount Books Media

Paramount Books Media is a book trailer video company that provides professional book trailer services, digital content marketing services, and international books right trade services. They are also experts in marketing videos.

The top marketing brands that rely on Paramount Books Media are YouTube, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BAM

They are an experienced book trailer company and they have made trailers for many famous books such as The Lord’s Day, The Murder of Chris Kyle, Soul Journey, The Gods are Silent, Trouble in a Green Pickup, etc.

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