Our guiding principle is “What is the most authentic route ahead that benefits the brand” – Kartik Johari

“Be authentic, honest and meticulous. 

There is no other way to make a great ad film. And please remember, ad directors and script-writers have a choice too; i.e: no amount of marketing can sell a bad product, so be sure of what you get back.”– Kartik Johari – VP, Marketing & Commerce at Nobel Hygiene.

Nobel Hygiene recently came up with a video ad campaign for their adult dry pants. The product is not an easy product to market or promote. 

So we spoke to Kartik and understood how they approach campaigns in general and also the story behind #AazadiMubarak campaign.

Read on.

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1. Tell us about yourself and your journey so far in Nobel Hygiene, Kartik?

I’m a life-long reader, who was born and studied in Mumbai, worked at an Indian Global Tech company, who ended up running 2 startups while finishing his MBA in the US, and have been working at Nobel Hygiene for the past 6.5 years trying to understand diapers and diaper-buying customers . 

My journey so far in Noble has been deeply humbling as I’ve learnt the nuts-and-bolts about how Indian businesses are run, how markets work their goods and how brands work their comms. 

We have decades ahead of us in our collective endeavour to make this a happier world.

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2. As a company what is the approach you keep in mind while creating any video ad campaign for your respective brands?

It’s actually quite a simple process. We believe in creating brands from insights, and consequently, the first step is to always steep ourselves in consumer research and product manufacturing.

Once we believe we have a strong value proposition, our creative agency takes a few weeks and comes back to us with 2-3 creative routes. 

We strongly believe in working with the right set of people and empowering them. There is no point too small to debate, and the guiding principle is “What is the most authentic route ahead that benefits the brand”. 

When it comes down to the actual content creation, again, we believe in working with the best minds possible, that is independent of $ ! 

We’ve worked with first-time directors, as we have with national award winning industry stalwarts. But when you have locked down on who to work with, it is important to relinquish control. 

We do not interfere on set, we do not offer “suggestions” or “tips”; 

We trust the production house and our agency to deliver on the promised vision. This does not mean having a blind guy; we are on set all the time to observe. 

Thus, on the final edit, you know why and how the team has arrived at the frame. It’s a strangely off-hand approach, but has worked well for us so far! Having said that, we don’t just trust “anyone” to carry our brand ethos.

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3. What was your thought process when you planned for the “Azadi Mubarak” campaign?  What insights did you gather for this campaign?

Our consumer research made us understand that urine leakage has a tremendous hidden impact on the entire family. Entire behaviours get modified and lives get changed, often without any explanations. 

Additionally, we realized that the common thread is being trapped, both psychologically, and within your own homes.

Rohit Sharma, one of my planners at The Womb, remarked how surprisingly, an individual’s  afflictions rapidly warped the entire family’s dynamics. 

Consequently, Arnab, our writer articulated “Azadi Mubarak” when on their way to our office for     a different pitch. Such a crystal clear proposition is greatly valued by any brand!

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4. How did the idea come and evolve for the Azaadi Mubarak campaign? Any specific thing that you kept in mind when you target senior people? 

The agency and we went through the research process together and were thus very sure of what the final outcome should be. Way before, in mid-2019, we had locked down on a beautiful script called “Indu” which showcased more of the couple’s dynamic. 

Cut to 2020 and COVID, and all of us in May’20 felt that our message was out of sync. The entire world is full of tension, uncertainty and drama; all essential ingredients of a good intriguing commercial, but precisely why we needed to echo something else. 

Thus, after 2 weeks, we met our agency on Zoom to hear 5 different scripts. 

We debated for much longer than 2 weeks then!! Kawal and Navin still stand behind a bolder vision they had, as does our Managing Director. But we decided to dial back our expectations a bit as nothing is still certain in a pandemic. 

Thus our current bike film was approved, and we were very excited to get a director of Amit’s calibre to shoot it for us. He wanted to do it in Goa; a quintessential production request if there ever was one.

But herein comes the trust; and lo and behold, our final few frames really let you “breathe” freedom for a few seconds. Even our smaller 20 second Product Film was envisioned very differently, but we LOVE what Amit did with it, and are very happy with how it all turned out!

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5. What advice would you like to give to our community members when it comes to ad campaigns?

Be authentic, honest and meticulous. 

There is no other way to make a great ad film. And please remember, ad directors and script-writers have a choice too; i.e: no amount of marketing can sell a bad product, so be sure of what you get back.

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6. Please name the team behind this?

Agency : The Womb, Founding Partners: Kawal Shoor & Navin Talreja

Creative Team: Suyash Khabya, Arnab Manna, Anshu Sharma, Vikrant Wadkar

Planning Team: Rohit Sharma, Nakul Jayadevan, Ishita Agawal

Account Management: Heval Patel, Omkar Kulkarni, Pranesh Arde

Production : Chrome Pictures

Director: Amit Sharma

Producer: Daniel Amanna

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