Know about Social Media Video Analytics from Marcin Dudkiewicz Founder & CEO – ViralStat

You cannot afford to skip on analyzing social video content simply because you will stay way behind your competitors – Says Social media video analytics expert Marcin Dudkiewicz

Marcin, Founder and CEO of ViralSeed and ViralStat – video marketing analytics tool (one of its kind). Marcin founded ViralSeed in 2011, a native video marketing company.

Since then it was no turning back for Marcin and ViralSeed – video seeding company. 

At ViralStat – they track and monitor statistics of social videos and profiles.This tool is designed not only for marketers, but also for media agencies, brands, influencers, artists and even casual Internet users.

Read on to know the journey from ViralSeed to ViralStat.

Q. Tell us about your life journey, Marcin ?

Since I can remember I was into computers. Long before the Internet, what may seem strange for the younger generation now.

But back in the ’80s and early ’90s (so in my teens) when computers were used for gaming mainly, I was already active on Amiga Scene where I grew my confidence that world digitization is only around the corner. 

Before founding my first video seeding company, ViralSeed, I’ve built a strong cooperation with well-known British media agencies that I carried video campaigns for since 2008. 

And looking back at how quickly ViralSeed evolved then, it was only a matter of time to develop a tool to cover market needs for social video analytics. This is how ViralStat project came to life.

2. Why Social Media Video Analytics is important ?

Video content is now a must. Can’t argue with that. Brands, influencers, artists and all kinds of creators produce more and more social videos that they upload to their channels every day. 

This is why social video analytics are now so important! 

You cannot ignore the necessity to measure the impact of social videos, that quickly became the most attractive way to connect with your audience. Otherwise, you will never be able to address where your communication needs improvement.

Over the past ten years, we’ve been in close cooperation with people from various marketing backgrounds. 

From rising You Tubers, freelance marketers, music labels managers to global media agencies principals. 

And at whatever growth stage they were, we’ve learnt their main pain point: to keep all monitored accounts in one place and get the real-time video statistics updates with possibly the least effort from their side. 

Because we all know how time-consuming data gathering can be when you could focus on other important (fun) stuff. 

And unless it’s about tracking the growth of a few owned social channels, you can do that through your profiles insight analytics. 

But how to access such detailed growth analysis of your competitors? Or manage hundreds of client accounts at once? 

And verify which content performs best within their niche competition? 

Today, when a video is at the heart of marketing strategy of everyone, you need advanced video analytics tools that will give you a wide spectra of performance analysis of your competitors, and perhaps even your whole industry! 

That’s always a good idea to follow successful patterns. And create at the speed of dynamically changing social media trends. Because, hey! They are insanely fast!

3. Please share some insights or unique learning regarding Social Video Analytics ?

Whether you’re an artist, Influencer or a creator focused on self-growth, keeping an eye on your overall performance seems pretty straight forward. 

But let’s say you are responsible for dozens of customers in your media agency. You need on-time and most accurate insights into hundreds of profiles and often thousands of videos and posts analytics across the leading social platforms! 

To gain a customer in this crowded marketplace, you need to prove the deep understanding of his industry. 

You have to know what his competition is, how he ranks within, and what strategy of his competitors’ helps them to grow their audience. Right? 

Another of your focuses would be to hunt for and maintain good cooperation with Influencers and emerging creators, who can further expose the promoted product/brand to their audience. 

Your client needs to grow the trust that you spend his money efficiently, and your advertising strategy brings desired outreach. 

For that you need to know the ongoing performance of tens, sometimes hundreds of creators under your roof. 

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Verify, who and how builds real engagement, and thus is worth to rely on. 

Same with music labels and multi-channel networks, where you need to know how you look as a whole. 

Keep a constant track on what tens of your managed creators upload on their channels and social accounts, how active they are and what engagement they score. 

It is why at ViralStat, we came up with unique smart folders, where you can monitor and analyze the exact impact of tens of thousands of videos, profiles and posts across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

All in one dashboard, with automatically updated statistics from monitored social media accounts – yours, your clients and managed creators as well as their niche competitors. 

Compare the cross-platform performance of newest uploads and easily benchmark with one another. 

This way, you can quickly identify the most engaging content and creators you observe, access historical metrics and provide clear reports with growth analysis.

 4. How one can grow his/her video audience ?

It is crucial to track and analyze the performance of what you post : to learn precisely how it resonates to your viewers!

 When you identify what kind of videos arouse more significant engagement than the others, it will be easier for you to create even more appealing content then. And grow your viewership.

People are easily distracted when browsing their social media, so it’s harder than ever to make them focus on what you have to say. 

They are stimulated with so much content from all sides that they began to find it annoying when it’s not relevant to their interests anymore. 

It is why you have to know the exact real-time preferences of your targeted audience and produce videos that will hold their attention for longer. And ideally, grow their trust in your product.

“ So do your homework and check current social trends, monitor what your niche competitors upload, how you rank within and address where your content should be revised.”

That is social video intelligence. And with the speed of video marketing growth, you cannot afford to skip on analyzing social video content simply because you will stay way behind your competitors!

5. What tips you’d like to give to someone who is a newbie to Video Analytics and learn it ?

Data is the new currency, and you cannot go wrong with learning how to use it to your favor. 

If you’re only starting with video analytics, you’re already one step ahead of people who didn’t yet spot the growth potential from accessing detailed performance analysis of their industry leaders. 

Take advantage of it ! Video content and its indispensability in a communication strategy are only up for a dynamic rise in the nearest future. 

So use transparent big data tools and step ahead of your competition as analytics you need are all there, reach for them and make that data work for you and your business. 

“ People are easily distracted when browsing their social media, so it’s harder than ever to make them focus on what you have to say. ”

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