10 New things in video marketing in January 2020

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TikTok working on new feed of curated content similar to Snapchat

Instagram removes IGTV button from homepage

9 New Things in Video Marketing in December 2019

1. Snapchat acquires AI Factory,  for its new Cameos feature

new things in video

Snapchat has acquired AI factory,  a startup that Snapchat had worked with for its new Cameos – ‘animated selfie-based video’ feature.

Cameos feature allows you to take a selfie which is automatically turns into animation and can be inserted into a short video.

2. YouTube officially launches changes in children’s content policy

new things in video

YouTube has officially launched changes in children’s content policy which included targeted ads restriction in kids’ videos, designated kids content made for kids or not. 

YouTube will also run promotions for YouTube kids, a separate app for kids content 

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3. Twitter’s latest ‘Promoted Trend Spotlight’ Ad option

new things in video

With Twitter’s new ‘Promoted Trend Spotlight’ Ad option, brands will now be able to take advantage of the top section.

It is a prime opportunity for brands to run their marketing campaign to attract users.

4. Facebook outlines its “video traffic source insight” in the creator studio

new things in video

These new insights will give you detailed information about who exactly is watching your Facebook video content. This will give you a clearer idea of where you should be focusing to increase the performance of your content.

5. New ‘Restrictions’ Column In YouTube Studio allows you to manually insert Mid-Roll Ads

new things in video

YouTube Studio’s new restriction column on the video page allows you to see if monetization or viewership is limited or not. Also, with this new feature users can themselves insert mid-roll ads during video upload.

6. TikTok working on new feed of curated content similar to Snapchat

new things in video

TikTok will soon be adding a new highlight stream that will display the original work of popular TikTok creators.

This new curation will give TikTok’s moderators more control over the viewing experience. It will ensure that advertisers don’t end up having their ads wedged.

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7. YouTube officially launches Profile Cards which shows users comment history

Last year in September, YouTube started testing ”Profile cards” that show ‘users comment’ history and public information of the current channel. 

This feature helps creators to identify their biggest fans by seeing their comments history. 

As of now, YouTube has officially launched this feature for all users on Android 

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8. Instagram removes IGTV button from homepage

Instagram has removed the IGTV button from its homepage. Till now only 7 million people have downloaded the standalone IGTV app, unfortunately,  IGTV did not become as popular as Instagram. 

9. TikTok testing new search page 

TikTok is redesigning the page under its explore section which will show a search bar on top and a list of topics underneath. The categories would contain sections like comedy, dance, animals, gaming and many others.

10. TikTok signs music licensing deals for increased music usage

TikTok has signed an agreement with Merlin, an agency that represents the rights of independent record labels worldwide. Previously TikTok has signed similar music deals with Sony Music, Warner Music, and Universal music.

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