List of Prominent Cinematographers in India (2020 Edition)

A cinematographer is the director of Photography who is in charge of camera and light crews and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image.

So, Here is the list of prominent cinematographers in India

1. Vaibhav Saxena

Work link

Email – vaibhavsaxena43559(at)gmail(dot)com

2. Ankit Aggarwal

Work link –

Email – connect2ankit(at)outlook(dot)com

3. Amol Sonar

Email –

4. Ashutosh Thakur

Work link –

Email – ashutoshtkrg(at)gmail(dot)com

5. Aashish Chavan

Work link -

Email – iamaashishchavan(at)gmail(dot)com

6. Anuprash Gupta

Work link –

Email – anuprashguptaphotography(at)gmail(dot)com

7. Hembahadur

Work link –

Email – hembahadur1(at)gmail(dot)com

Location – New Delhi

8. Suparna Sur

Email – soupsur@(at)gmail(dot)com

Location – New Delhi

9. Arush Mathur

Work link-–P-eQgotBtqCPcWVd5lnAW7rm50DaHH

Email – arushmathur93(at)gmail(dot)com

10. Shakir Ali

Work link –

Email – shakiralicinematographee(at)gmail(dot)com

Location – Mumbai

11. Mohsin Surani

Work link -

E mail – mohsinsurani(at)gmail(dot)com

Location – Bangalore

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