Learn effective methods of market research from Georgia Austin

Georgia Austin is a market research specialist at Connect Research Group. 

In this article, she shares her learnings about market research, how it has evolved over the years and what its future is.

In the next few minutes, you will learn about market research and the most effective methods to use in 2020. Keep reading!

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1. Tell us about your life journey in brief, Georgia?

I grew up spending 50% of my time in the UK, and the other half in the US. My father moved there when I was 12 years old and resides there until this very day. 

I had always been obsessed with travel and my solo trips to the states gave me the independence boost I craved. Now, as a freelancer, I work very well independently and in my own space. 

I studied at the University of Sussex in Brighton, majoring in Geography and Anthropology. Since then, I took various full-time roles I hated and now have found my way in the freelance community, working for myself is what I needed after all. Now, I work part-time for a market research firm based in New York, which involves reaching out to global experts to take part in an online survey in their field of expertise. 

I love connecting with individuals worldwide, and linking back to my love for travel and studying communities, this combines the two very well.

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2. How market research has evolved over the few years and what is its future?

Market research has become less static and much more collaborative. Trying to get responses in more innovative ways, which makes it fun for experts to participate in and to display varied findings to clients.

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3. What are the most effective methods for market research in 2020?

I would say the best methods are ensuring you are finding the right people to answer your surveys or participate in your projects.

If you have a bucket of ‘experts’ without narrowing your search enough, this will cause voids in your overall findings and make it less effective/lack depth. Also, paying people money of course – boosts your chance of receiving genuine responses.

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4. What are some of the best resources for market research?

Absolutely LinkedIn, no question about it.

You can use various search terms/combined search terms to narrow down your search as much as possible and reach out to experts directly.

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5. What are the common mistakes should professional market researchers avoid?

Not recognizing the kind of market you’re dealing with and speaking to them inappropriately.

You must gauge someone’s interest first, and set the tone right away. Understanding your audience is crucial.

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