Learn, how YouTubers can grow their subscriber base from Sugandha Bansal

Sugandha Bansal is a digital marketing entrepreneur and founder of “The Blue Oceans Group” – a marketing and advertising company. 

In this article, she shares her learnings about YouTube marketing and the best practices to promote a Youtube Channel. 

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In the next 4 minutes, you will be learning some real insights about Youtube SEO, growing Youtube subscriber base and Youtube video marketing. Read on!

1. Tell us about your life journey, Sugandha?

Since childhood, I desired to have something of my own. I always wanted to achieve big goals and expectations. I used to push myself to achieve my goals. Fascinated with the business world, I wanted to be a part of this ecosystem. Marketing has always thrived my interest in analysing TV ads and product stickers to think over the strategy that has been incurred to attract people.

With an inclination toward Business and Marketing Management, I completed my MBA to learn the different aspects of Business Studies. For the last few years, I have been a part of Business Networking International (BNI) and Confederation of Indian Industry- Young India (CII-YI) – the community of leading industry leaders and subject matter experts. I performed various roles and learnt the peculiarities of referral marketing and businesses. 

Over a while, when the world was rapidly moving towards digitalization,  I decided to be a digital marketing entrepreneur. Then I founded a marketing and advertising company called The Blue Oceans Group. It has 2 subsidiaries –  Your Travelling Story (Online Travel Media) and Cosmo Intellect (A sociopolitical blogging site). My Life’s motto is to inspire myself and the people around me with the philosophy – “Be the Master of Your Own Thoughts and Destiny”.

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2. What are the factors one should consider while creating YouTube videos?

Videos take over 74% of online traffic and as each day passes, an environment for producing high-value video is becoming exponentially more competitive. More than 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube EVERY MINUTE. So the question is, how to get noticed out of all?

First, analyse and strategize your old YouTube videos in terms of Video CTR, Audience Retention and Session Time. Then, create a list of best practices that can be applied to optimize these factors. Once you complete this step, prioritize the metrics throughout every step of the video creation process and work on the variables for the above factors i.e. For Video CTR work on the Video Thumbnail, Title, and Description after a deep analysis of the competitor’s keyword and traffic that are ranking higher. 

Next, produce videos with the goal of having your audience hooked to your channel by working towards solely providing clear, captivating and valuable content.

Keep the formula in mind: Deliver them the value they’re looking for, and they will keep clicking, watching and signalling the algorithm to pay attention to you.

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3. What are the best practices for marketing a YouTube channel?

Producing high-quality, in-depth content is the best practice any marketer (Blogger, YouTuber, etc.) should do. Preferring quality over quantity is the thumb rule and the best method. 

You remember JunsKitchen. He has only uploaded 29 pieces of high-quality content related to his niche and has 4.58 million subscribers. The list can go on. 

Many times, a lot of marketers and YouTubers choose inappropriate keywords and even after producing high-quality content, they don’t get user engagement, views and shares. Therefore, for each content, a YouTuber should choose the right keywords and optimize his Youtube SEO for greater reach. 

There is an elementary step to choosing the right keywords. YouTube has an amazing feature of “YouTube Autocomplete” to find the best SEO Optimized keywords, and the best part is: it always suggests the most popular keywords. Type your content-related keywords, and YoutTube will auto-complete and suggest you some keywords. 

Promote your videos outside YouTube. If you do this, the YouTube algorithm receives the signals for engagement, and it increases the credibility and ranking of your videos. To perform this, you can ask the relevant bloggers in your category to add your video links in his/her blog post as backlinks. It works tremendously.

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4. How can marketers grow their Youtube subscriber base?

Growing a subscriber base on YouTube is like making a delicious Cake. You have to put all the ingredients in the right place in the right quantity. There are a few more things which we need to consider and practice in terms of gaining a huge subscriber base. I would like to make quick pointers. 

YouTubers should make a content calendar and post videos at a fixed interval. Make sure you plan out your videos ahead of time with word to word charming and articulate script.  

SEO Optimization also plays a crucial role in your YouTube Videos. For this, a YouTuber can use focus video keywords at least 2-3 times in the video description.

Using rich Tags is also critical. Strategically, use your main keywords in the first Tag, related keywords in your 2nd Tag, and use those keywords which describe your videos in the third Tag.

Using 3-5 Tags is the most appropriate. Many YouTubers do use more than that. By using 10-15 Tags, don’t confuse Youtube.

Ask 2-3 times by telling people in your videos to subscribe to your channel. Chances of getting a subscription increased 2-3 times. 

Upload transcripts videos with subtitles. Your subtitles should be in multiple languages for greater reach. It will help you in bringing global reach and popularity. You will get more views which results in getting more subscribers. 

Simple highly effective principles for increasing the subscriber base are: Be Consistent, Provide Value and Be Remarkable.

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5. How can businesses generate and manage engagement on Youtube?

The best way to get engagement is to prepare good FAQs and ask a particular question with Call To Action (CTAs). People will comment and engage with you.

You should not merely ask such as “please leave a comment” or “share your thoughts in the comment box”. It is very general and non-appealing to the audience. 

Also, you can use “Pinned Comment” by asking questions. Here you ask your viewers a question in the comment section, and when you pin it, it lies on top. By doing this, you are encouraging your viewers to comment. 

Once people start commenting, you should reply to every comment with an excellent response time. 

The algorithm of YouTube says videos having great session time will increase the stay time of viewers on the videos.

 At last, your video length matters a lot to the YouTube Algorithm. Youtube Study says, “the longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content; the more your content may get surfaced. 

The most recommended time for any informative or inspiring video must be in between 7 minutes to 15 minutes. Videos less than 5-6 minutes are tough to rank. 

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About Vidsaga

Vidsaga is a global marketplace for Organisations to create Videos. Consider it as “Upwork/ Fiverr for videos” with Creative script writing and professional project management.

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