This Female Video Expert is helping Housewives in becoming Financially Independent

Astha Jain, Founder and host at MrsDeeva – Prasidee Podcast S2, turned to entrepreneurship in a quest to find her place in this world. She has taken this initiative to make home-makers financially independent and the medium she has chosen is – “Videos”

Read on to know more about Astha Jain and her story of how she is strengthening housewives and stay-at-home mothers.

Tell us about your life journey in brief, Astha Jain?

If I talk about my life’s journey, it was pretty rocky, I was working in a big advertising firm when I got married but had to leave my job because of problems at home after my marriage which was a big bummer for me and I started to face a number of health problems. 

I turned to entrepreneurship in a quest to find my place in this world

From Home Expert and Business Coach to Housewives and Stay-At-Home mothers, helping them to decide what business they can start based on their interests and hobbies and become financially independent.

I am producing Youtube videos around the same.

Astha Jain

Life has always been a big struggle for me and this was the biggest reason I started my own podcast prior to these youtube videos.

In this we focussed on entrepreneurs who have fought with odds of life and still emerged successful in their lives. It acted as an assurance and motivation for me as well. 

It was very phenomenal and motivating experience for me to talk to these startup entrepreneurs.

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What prompted you to create Videos?

Ah, this question is pretty descriptive and like I mentioned in my earlier answer, I needed motivation in life. 

I had already failed my 2 earlier projects and personally, times were very testing. I was going in and out of depression and anxiety attacks. I just needed inspiration and motivation to keep moving on in life.

Tell us about your experience of making videos so far?

Well, I had a lot of help from my husband but we had to struggle a lot. More than shooting the video, we struggled a lot in the editing process. 

We experimented a lot with the editing softwares from Final Cut Pro to iMoviemaker to Da Vinci Resolve. Video marketing – is something we are still struggling with.

Astha Jain

What are your learning regarding video marketing ?

I think the biggest learning I had from my experience is that one should first try and create an audience for their genre.

Develop a community on your chosen platform and engage with them so that they watch the videos you generate.

Otherwise you will just depend on your family and friends for watching the videos who might not be your right target audience.

Apart from this you will just have the option of running ads on Facebook or YouTube to get video views and even though, you might be able to highly target the audience there, still it is not a healthy practice to keep burning money to get views. 

What difficulties/ challenges you face in your work?

I would say to keep up the pace of shooting the videos, editing them and releasing them. The biggest one still remains – marketing of these videos. Personally – I struggle a lot with bad health.

What inspires you or keeps you going?

Messages from the women who I am helping. 

What is your dream/ vision?

I really wish to keep helping women, especially housewives and stay at home mothers in becoming financially independent. I am trying to do that with the help of my videos. 

Any fun/ memorable incident?

Yes a lot of them. 

Once I interviewed a startup entrepreneur, much younger to me and it is extremely memorable how he was very candid about his life’s journey.

He was very open in telling me how he failed 7 times in his engineering college and how it felt like the end of the world to him but now he is doing amazing. 

I really want to be as accepting of my failures. Worst part was that I could not release his interview because the audio file was corrupted and I did not have the courage to ask him to record for me again. 

What advice you’d like to give to budding video marketer?

Ah, advice – I guess, I would just like to say that it is not as rose-y as it seems. It needs a lot of dedication, hardwork, time and energy. 

You will constantly be bothered by how your video is doing or what is going to happen next or sometimes you will not even have the energy for the next day. 

If you think you can handle all this, go ahead and get into it. But you have to be insanely passionate about it to be successful and be ready to give it time.

There is no right or wrong way of doing things, find out what resonates with you and work with that.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

“Following your heart” is not as easy as it seems, Find out the right reason and this journey will then get very enlightening for you. 

And always remember that you don’t have to figure out everything right now, it is ok to be confused, it is absolutely fine to fail and it is really fine to go with a slow pace as well sometimes. 

Figure out things gradually because if you rush to consume a lot of information in a very short time, you will lose your mind and patience very soon. 

Read more, you become what you read and that is why read as much as possible!

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