Facebook Video Marketing Quiz

If you are a social media geek and think that you are an expert in it, then take this Facebook video marketing quiz and try to answer as many questions you can.

1. What is the maximum video length we can  upload on Facebook?
    a. 30 Minutes
    b. 60 Minutes
    c. 240 Minutes
    d. 480 Minutes

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2. How many video thumbnail options does Facebook provide?
    a. 3
    b. 5
    c. 7
    d. 10

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3. What is the maximum video length of facebook in-stream video ads?
    a. 10 Seconds
    b. 15 Seconds
    c. 30 Seconds
    d. 60 Seconds

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4. Rehearsal feature of Live broadcast on Facebook is known as?
    a. Test Broadcasts
    b. Trial Broadcast
    c. Rehearsal broadcast
    d. Try-out broadcast

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5. Which 'call-to-action’ is not supported by Facebook video ads?
    a. Shop Now
    b. Learn More
    c. Signup
    d. Buy More

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1. 240 Minutes
2. 10
3. 15 Seconds
4. Test Broadcasts
5. Buy More

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