Facebook or Instagram: Where to run ad in 2021?

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Vidsaga has come up with a hack video to help marketers analyse where to run their ads to get the maximum reach and engagement on social media.

Here are the points to be considered

1.Rapid Growth
– In 2016 Instagram brought in $1.6 Billion of ad revenue while in 2020 Instagram brought in $12.24 billion of ad revenue

2. Monthly Active Users

– Facebook as of Q4 2020 has 2.79 Billion monthly active users.

– Instagram as of Q4 2020 has 1Billion+ monthly active users.

3. Average Time spent

– Average time sent on Facebook is 58 minutes

– Average time spent on Instagram is 53 minutes

4. Share of Ad-Spent

– The Facebook News Feed still saw the largest share of ad spend by a sizable margin at 58%. 

Both the Instagram Feed and Instagram Story ad placements are beginning to take a larger share of the pie, combining to make up 27.1% of ad spend.

5. Rapid Growth of Instagram Stories

The spend on Instagram Stories in 2020 increased by 40% compared to the previous year, and 91% compared to 2018.


For driving sales and conversions, use Facebook.

For better brand marketing and awareness use Instagram.

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