Learn Marketing Growth Techniques from Omkar Patil

“The most crucial aspect in product  differentiation is to solve a problem and make it accessible and user friendly.” – Omkar Patil, CEO Infigon Futures.

– Omkar Patil, CEO, Infigon Futures

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Marketing is one of the most dynamic fields in the world. Marketers have to innovate continuously and produce results in a short span of time.

Are there any growth tools or techniques that use basic principles and at the same time differentiate our solution in this ever changing marketing world.

To figure out answers to these questions, we talked to a Marketing Growth Specialist – Omkar. 

Read on to know more about his marketing growth and company’s products and ideas.

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1. Tell us about your life journey Omkar. 

As a student, I’ve always been involved in many extra-curricular activities. 

In Class 12, I did  an internship in Sales Positioning at Motilal Oswal. 

While I was pursuing engineering, I  continued doing internships at various organisations like SBI Mutual Funds, DSP Blackrock etc.  

I had always been highly interested in the field of Sales and Marketing. 

I felt truly intrigued by  this field because of how it can influence the psychology of consumers and determine the  branding and market position of any firm. 

My reason for starting Infigon dates back to 2019 when I started a Youth Organisation called  Maharashtra Sanghatan. 

The main motive this organisation serves is to create a platform for  interaction, exchanges, group collaborations and associations amongst students who come from  diverse educational backgrounds. 

Most students are restricted from communicating with other  students from similar educational backgrounds. 

However, in the workplace, they are supposed to  communicate with diverse people with different educational experiences and subject expertise.  

This may become a hindrance in their productivity at work if they aren’t accustomed to it. The  organisation plummeted to greater heights and we quickly amassed 7500+ student members. 

We  organised various competitions and events like MUNs, National Business Championship  Conference and many other social awareness and cultural events. 

While interacting with thousands of students and parents who come from different backgrounds, we ascertained a common pattern- fear. 

Students had fear in their mind regarding their career, employability, academics and other uncertainties. 

We tried to address them at individual levels  but these queries only kept increasing. 

Upon further investigation, we came to know that there  aren’t any organisations that provide such committed guiding or mentorship services. 

Most  counselling companies work at a very limited capacity and don’t cover the whole spectrum of  mentorship issues that students today face. 

All these issues were narrowed down to 3 A’s – Availability, Affordability and Awareness. 

There  is a general lack of availability, only a select few organisations address this sector and operate in  very limited spaces. 

  • Affordability – counselling services are very expensive and on average cost  Rs. 25000/- for a service that extends to just 1 month. 
  • Awareness – there is a lack of awareness  amongst most people, and they simply don’t realise the need nor significance of counselling  service. 

Hence, we decided to establish Infigon Futures, to create a platform that can provide affordable  education and career mentorship services to students nationwide. 

It is our mission to make our  services accessible, user friendly and customized to the needs of every student.  

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2. How marketing growth techniques have evolved in the last few years? 

Marketing techniques have evolved unprecedentedly in the last few years. 

However, with  Infigon being at its inception and growth stage, we are yet to explore such advancements. 

Our  key marketing strategy is to aggressively promote using the conventional marketing techniques at our disposal and within our financial and talent capacity within the organisation. 

Our key  strategy is to associate with various schools, colleges and institutes and so far we have conducted  over 70 events within 2 months.  

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3. How do you think a business should plan the product or services for their business?  What should be the major concentration behind selecting the product innovation,  differentiation or niche? 

In my opinion, catering to a niche doesn’t matter. The most crucial aspect in product  differentiation is to solve a problem and make it accessible and user friendly. 

For instance,  Dream 11 catered to the betting and fantasy gaming industry in association with IPL for the past  3-4 years. Yet it was limited to placing bets prior to the match.

A new entrant, Fantasy Games  app made it possible for players to make bets every 5 overs during the entirety of the match. 

It  made the concept more engaging and increased the winning probability. This caused users to shift to  this app and the app tremendously gained as much popularity as Dream 11 with no extra  marketing. 

Similarly, at Infigon we aspire to make career counselling accessible nationwide and make it  heavily user-friendly. 

Career counselling so far has been restricted within local capacities with  no national centres. 

Most students have little or no access to career counselling and being the first App-based service provider, we wish to pioneer accessible and premium services across the  country. 

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4. How do you calculate your marketing growth and what are the indicators of a desired  marketing growth? 

Our key marketing techniques comprise associations with schools, colleges and institutions  and digital marketing. 

Our target was set at associating with 30 schools and colleges within 3 months which we  exceeded in advance by engaging with more than 70 colleges before April 2022. 

We look  forward to setting new targets as we grow. For our digital marketing, we try to emulate  engagement and following by delivering regular content on various social networking sites.  

We’ve seen a nearly 140% growth in all our social media handles on a month-on-month basis.  

We plan to aggravate this growth and measure it regularly through numbers of likes, views,  shares etc. 

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5. What would be your advice for Marketers during these tough times? 

The pandemic is an opportunity in disguise for marketers. 

This is the time that internet  usage and screen time has increased tremendously nationwide. 

Ramping up marketing strategies  on digital, social media and influencer channels is highly lucrative. 

I’ve often heard my  colleagues and batchmates who are fellow entrepreneurs complaining about the huge costs of  paid social media sponsorships. 

My advice to marketers is to not focus on advanced marketing  strategies that are unfeasible and avert full attention towards conventional strategies. 

The  pandemic is a good time to aggressively promote on all social media handles and build an organic  presence in the domain.

You can always invest in paid sponsorships at a later stage when you  gain revenue. 

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