Avoid thinking just because you’re a writer you know how to create copy- Cielo Vida

Cielo Vida has been a real estate copywriter for over a decade now. A veteran real estate copywriter now turns to Social justice and wellness writer. She successfully runs her website CopyVida.

Pertaining to the protest and current situation in the USA, she pivoted to social justice and now she is helping wellness practitioners, social justice activists, and nonprofit directors to create content that incites action.   

Read on to know more about her journey and copywriting learnings..  

1. Tell us about your life journey, Cielo?

I loved writing from an early age. And I still say my all-time favorite book is the first thesaurus I purchased from the Scholastic Book Club when I was in fifth grade. It’s among the 30 or fewer books I own today.

To say I’m a bit of a word geek is an understatement.

I spent a decade in journalism. And this overlapped my time as a real estate copywriter—which I recently left. I initially got into creating content for real estate pros in the hopes it would lead me to some connections for affordable housing initiatives.

But it’s become clear real estate’s the long path to activism in affordable housing. Since the recent—and long-overdue—rise in activism and the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve pivoted 100% to creating content in the social justice and wellness space.

It’s the perfect intersection of journalism with boots on the ground activism. I got tired of hearing myself talking about creating change. And not taking action.

Social justice and wellness copywriting feel like where I was meant to be all along.

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2. For beginners, how is content writing and copywriting different? 

The style of writing for content and copywriting is the same—formatting, write as you talk, lots of white space—but the difference lies in intent.

Traditional copywriting is more about in your face sales. Whereas content writing is more about adding value. While still selling.

But to be honest. Many folks in the industry use the terms almost interchangeably.

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3. What is the future of real estate copywriting?

As I referenced above, I’m not in real estate copywriting anymore. But, based on my observations over many years, I’ll say this.

Since states began to re-open post-COVID, the importance of well-written vacation rental listings, updating websites with blog content and creating emails and newsletters nurturing relationships with guests and owners is more important than ever.

On the other side of the real estate coin—realtors and mortgage lenders are focused on sales. They’re not writers. So they only think about selling. And miss opportunities for boldness. Create their own branding.

As a result. Their hands are tied when it comes to creating content. They’re limited by their branding ie. Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams or Re/Max. And fair housing laws play into this too.

I see way too much content posted on multiple sites. This does nothing for SEO.

But more and more folks in the real estate industry are beginning to see the value of hiring content creators to write

  • Listing descriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts

I expect to see this trend continue. But I’d also be thrilled to see more one-of-a-kind branding when it comes to realtors and mortgage lenders. More Ryan Serhants and Lizy Hoeffer Irvines in the industry.

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4. What led you to write for social justice and wellness?

I’m into creating content adding value.

Which is why I’m excited to be writing for social justice and wellness. Writing in both of these spaces is contributing to the solution. Not adding to the problem.

Social justice, equality and sustainability nonprofits—and businesses promoting well-being—need copy created to get their message out. I’m honored and humbled to support their efforts. This kind of content adds value to people’s lives.

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5. What mistakes should newbie copywriters should avoid?

Avoid thinking just because you’re a writer you know how to create copy. Take a course. And hand copy copywriting swipe files.

Study copywriting. Study content. Learn from the pros.

Every. Damn. Day.

And download the Hemingway App. You’ll be surprised by how many adverbs you use. Drop 99.9% of them.

By the way. I lead an intimate international live copywriting mastermind. It’s definitely the most hands-on and affordable way to get beginners into copywriting.

I’m re-opening it in August for 10 additional members. Email cielo@copyvida.com to get on the list. Or visit copyvida.com

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