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Benefits of Video Marketing: Why You Should Add Video to your Marketing Strategy Today

Visual information surrounds us every waking minute of our lives – it’s no surprise that we’ve evolved with an incredible capacity to quickly understand the visual world around us.

Our biological ability to see and understand images is so proficient that it far exceeds our ability to understand textual information by around 60,000 times!

Images and video are the most stimulating formats of information and therefore, they are some of the most useful marketing tools available for online content production. The internet is currently going through a rapid transition from text to video, video will likely become the dominant content format through 2018 and beyond.

The Accessibility of Video

Video content is a unique, ubiquitous content format that’s easily repurposable across a range of channels: from landing pages, blog posts, video in print, email to social sharing websites such as YouTube and Facebook.

“Video Marketing” in Google Trends from 2008 to present

Here, we’ll be overviewing some of the key stats, trends and strategies for using video effectively in your marketing strategy.

How Does Video Compare to Text?

The most important contextual question is how does video compare in terms of engagement in comparison to other content forms, plus how and why is it so effective?

Understanding visual information is deeply natural and intuitive. The densest portions of our sensory nervous system are wired up for sight. 90% of information the brain processes is carried in from the eyes via the optic nerve.

Reading, on the other hand, is a learnt skill which we develop with age. Learning a language takes time – most people can’t say their first word until 18 months or so and the average reading age is around 4 years.

This biological context makes image and video more engaging, memorable and impactful. Evidence suggests that the video content format is indeed our preference. A 72% majority prefer video to text when they’re trying to find out information a product or service.

Video is more efficient in our time-constrained era of smartphone browsing – you’re less likely to read a wordy product guide on your phone than you are to watch short-form video guides – 4 times of people prefer to watch videos about products rather than reading about them. Interacting with video requires less effort as you simply sit and watch – there’s no scrolling or zooming.

Despite the benefits of video, text is still an important component to a holistic content strategy. Text is crucial to achieving a well optimised and highly ranking website within Google search. Combining text with video provides your users with innovative content that helps your website to have great user experience metrics and to stand out in the face of competition.

Why is Video Marketing so Effective?

Videos communicate information quickly and efficiently. If the old cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true then a video at 30 frames per second is certainly worth many more words than that! Video’s ability to transfer information to your viewer easily makes it potent in comparison to other content formats.

Videos enable you to convey dense, complex or large quantities of information. We know that the brain can process visual information some 60,000 times faster than text alone. This plays right into the hands of brands that want to communicate their message in a highly compact, consumable format.

Videos should be captioned for times when listening with audio isn’t possible. However, using audio in your videos in the form of a real-voice narration can create assurance and trust.

How Can Video Assist your Marketing Strategy?

Increase Backlink Acquisition and Spread Your Message

Video can help aid in your acquisition of inbound links. Posts Incorporating short-from videos in your blog can help you generate three times more inbound links when compared to text-only blogs. Video formats can pack a lot of info into small packages and therefore communicate brand info quickly and easily.

Brand Impact

We’ve already discussed how video is aesthetically impactful. Videos often autoplay when we scroll past them on social media but even if they don’t, it’s simple to press the play button.

Video is magnetising and evidence suggests that it really pulls people through into your site. Evidence collected by the Online Publishers Association suggests that 22% people end up visiting a website named in a video ad.

Enhance Brand Personality

Videos contain visual information and therefore, they give brands an opportunity to portray their personality. Text alone is more plain and standardised in its form. From professional and sleek to playful and colourful, video aesthetics are diverse and varied and this can really help create a long-lasting and distinguished image of your brand. As consumers, we enjoy the fact that video offers creativity to the online content world and 85% say that they’d like to see more video from brands online throughout the year of 2018.

Social Media

Videos often make their home in the timeline or feed of our social media. We spend a lot of time scrolling through our feeds – 1 hour and 40 minutes average, in fact, overviewing the vast quantities of information that are supplied from many channels – social, advertising, news, etc. One content format that repeatedly grabs our attention is video. Videos can help us stop and that’s a potent effect.

The Trustworthiness of Video

Creating a video isn’t a walk in the park. You need specific software, skills and technical expertise and people realise this. As a result, people view video as a more trustworthy source of information. Equipping your site with video content can enhance your brand’s reputation.

Reducing Support Load

Videos are great at explaining product or service information. They can show people how to do something instead of merely explaining it. 4 out of 5 people believe that video explanations and tutorials are helpful when learning about a product. Videos can reduce your site’s support costs – Adobe’s Digital Intelligence briefing included evidence of a 47% reduction in support tickets following mass adoption of video guides on products.

What Are The Benefits To Video Marketing?

Enhanced Organic Search Ranking

Ranking well in organic search results will always be one of the top targets of the marketing team and video can help you achieve this. Video can skyrocket dwell time on your website, reduce bounce times and increase user interaction.

All of these factors are now taken into account in Google’s latest algorithms and thus, video helps your site in ranking higher alongside metrics such as backlinks. Evidence suggests that landing page video content can increase organic traffic from search engines by up to 157%

Improve Conversion Rates

Videos prompt brand investigation and this can instigate the consumer process that leads to conversions and sales. Evidence surrounding sales and video content indicates an 81% increase in sales and a yearly increase in 66% more qualified leads. Further than that, it seems that consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product that is shown in a video ad when compared to one which isn’t.


Video creation may seem like an expensive endeavour but a growing amount of evidence indicates that video marketing in the forms of animations, tutorials, adverts, etc, can actually yield ROIs which rise above their more traditional text-based counterparts. Amongst marketing teams that have adopted a video-based marketing strategy, revenue has grown around 49% faster than those who don’t use video.

Creating videos for a business doesn’t have to be a price endeavour, though. Software like Moovly and Vyond provide easy-to-use tools for DIY video creation.

So far in 2018, a remarkable 52% of marketing professionals believe that video content provides the best ROI for their business thanks to a variety of effects that include 360% more clicks on calls-to-action.

Video Marketing: Stats Overview


Video can aid your marketing strategy to acquire users across many marketing channels. Whether it’s veterans like YouTube and Facebook or newer kids on the block like Snapchat and Instagram, video allows you to insert your brand into a range of various channels.


Engagement is a vital component of marketing. If you can’t engage the users then they’ll bounce off the site. As previously mentioned, increased site engagement is a ranking factor on search engines like Google.


Videos help to convert sales. This gets results – it’s what many of us are looking for!

What Channels Can Benefit From Video Marketing?


Video content has many proven SEO benefits:

  • It has proven organic search benefits.
  • Next, it adds aesthetically pleasing snippets to the Google Search results pages.
  • Also, it reduces bounce rate, increases engaging time on your website and provides an enhanced browsing experience.


Videos are becoming commonplace in our email inbox. Some remarkable stats suggest that the mere inclusion of ‘video’ in an email subject increases open rates by around 19% and can increase click through rates by up to 300%!


Social media is an obvious area of mass video consumption. We actually watch in excess of 1 billion videos on Facebook daily! Facebook videos have a much-enhanced reach when compared to photo posts.

Marketing on Facebook is now quite common and out of the marketers which use it, a large majority of 87% believe it is an effective component of their strategy. Instagram is next up and though only 41% of marketers use it, 78% believe that it aided their marketing campaign.

Last but not the least is YouTube. Out of a large majority of 87% of marketers which have indeed used it, a mighty 90% of them found it to be an effective strategy.

Re-marketing – Pay per Click

By remarketing video with both YouTube and the Google Display Network, customers can be targeted which have had historical interactions with areas of your site or brand. These interactions could be across YouTube, too.

Also, this could enable marketers to target broader terms which are usually not as profitable. However due to the audience being pre-qualified it simply enables you to reach an untapped portion of your existing marketing funnel.


We’re in the grasp of a video revolution. Everything is positive for video’s effectiveness in the marketing world so this should be the green light to engage for your marketing team!

Video communicates, shares and teaches and in the world of super-fast browsing across both desktop and mobile. The speed advantage of information communication conveyed by video is incomparable to text alone.

Video is fun and easy to digest and it yields positive outcomes across every stage of the marketing chain from acquisition to conversion. We access video through our richest and most efficient sense – sight – and this goes a long way in explaining why video has become the internet’s content ace. There’s no doubt that video should be included in your marketing toolbox!

This article was written by Sam Jeans from the company Vidioh. Vidioh produce video-in-print products including a printed brochure with video, video mailers and digital video business cards.

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