List of Prominent Video Editors in India (2020 edition)

Video Editing is one of the most important part after video creation to make an awesome video editing is must required .

So,here is a list of prominent video editors in India

1. Raghu D

Email- raghu.d.editor93(at)gmail(dot)com

Work link-

Location_ Mumbai

2. Pratik Dhamapurkar

Email- dhamapurkarpratik(at)gmail(dot)com

Location- Mumbai

Work link-

3. Mohit Dutt

Email- mohitdutt15(at)gmail(dot)com

Location- New Delhi

4. Himanshu divaker

Email- himanshu.divaker3423(at)gmail(dot)com

Work link-

If you are a Video editor and would like to get added here to receive work opportunities from our video creators, send us your details at team(at)vidsaga(dot)com

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