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50 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Corporate Film Makers in Hyderabad

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You might have some idea of how your corporate movie should be. Hence, you googled to find a corporate film maker in Hyderabad and you landed here.

Here I brief you regarding an interactive free session with my brand strategists who’ll help you to create a corporate video making strategy. I’m sure it will fetch good results for your brand. So don’t wait, but book a free session with us immediately.

Your business should be at a mature stage and you realised that a video format will represent your brand in a far way better. But you struggle to get an idea from where to start and how. Am I right?

Or, you may have some idea, but not 100% sure. You may be at the verge of identifying a corporate film maker in Hyderabad, but unable to find the right guy.

I tell you that hiring a corporate film maker in Hyderabad isn’t such a difficult task. Indeed, if you have the right questions to ask and the other systems and processes in place, you can easily hire a good corporate film maker in Hyderabad.

You may wonder who is a corporate film maker and what he can do for your brand. Moreover, how will you figure out the next step in hiring a corporate film maker.

Who is a corporate film maker? And what he can do for me?

A corporate film maker is the GO TO person who’ll help to make your brand’s story in a movie format. He knows the entire video production process.

We, at Vidsaga, had learnt the stark difference of a good corporate film maker and an average one. I would say honestly, it is not such an easy task to figure out the right one unless you are an industry expert and ask the right questions to find the right FIT for your brand.

But before we jump to ask the right questions, you should have a rough idea about the type of strategy you’ll be adopting for this video production engagement.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind before you plan to make your next corporate movie gig.

1) Be clear in your overall goals:

You should be able to specify clearly what is expected from this video engagement process.

We get a number of requests for a corporate movie on a daily basis. But I should tell you, they don’t really have a clear strategy of what they exactly want.

At Vidsaga, we tell them, we understood your need for a corporate movie. But, tell us exactly why you need a movie for your brand and what is the end objective you are looking for?

When they face such questions from us, they get pissed off; offended; or maintain a long silence…

In fact, they don’t expect such questions from us.

I have seen many people saying they want a corporate movie, because it is such a sexy thing to have a corporate movie for your brand.

But is there an objective for that? The answer is mostly a NO.

Here, it becomes important to brief them on an internal goal setting strategy to help them discover the right objective for their corporate movie.

Why do we do so? Because everyone want results.

Unless you are clear about what you want, you won’t have any idea of what to measure.

If you are unclear about what to measure, you will never be able to measure the outcome.

Do you think if anyone will invest their hard-earned money in a project in which they can’t measure the outcome? Certainly not.

Hence, a movie you make for your brand should always be a goal driven one.

Do you know that in the video, every metric can be calculated mathematically? You can even determine if you want:

  1. More clicks
  2. More views
  3. To boost site traffic or SEO
  4. To increase product/company culture education

You should have a clear idea of what you want. Once done, then a strategy can be built around that.

2) Methods of distribution:

The various methods of distribution to your audience is as important as building your strategy.

For example, if your brand sells women’s clothes, then distributing your content on channels like Pinterest and Instagram will fetch you good results than Facebook and LinkedIn.

Understanding your audience and distributing the content relevant to them is so important for getting good results.

The other channels are:

1. Television

2. Social media platforms

3. Websites/Landing pages

4. Emails

5. Mobile apps

A professionally created video perfectly fits for distribution in any channel and at any place.

3) Know your budget but be flexible about it:

Budget is an important aspect in video making process. You should have a calculation of how much you can spend before you begin your engagement. This helps to decide what kind of money conversation you can have with your prospect corporate film maker.

But, believe my words; budget does not matter in the creation of a corporate movie. Consider your spending as an investment as you will get good value for the investment, but that’s not guaranteed.

Basically you should have an idea of how much you can spend, as a brand, and then choose the teams you can confidently approach to make your movie.

4) Focus on your brand building:

I would say, for any brand that is interested in making a corporate video, is actually a brand building exercise. If you show respect to the making, you are assured of good results. Be clear in these points:

  1. Figure out what your brand actually stands for and focus to make that as the main theme in the video.
  2. How are you different from your competitors?
  3. In what ways, people do identify your brand?

When you discuss with the prospect video maker, you should make your intention clear that the video should reflect your core values. These values are important to be highlighted as they represent you as a brand.

Once the core strategy has been developed, it’s time to focus on the questions that you should ask to them.

This strategy will help you to deduct the wrong ones and help you find a better FIT for your brand.

At this stage, you may worry how to proceed further. But I say, SIT and RELAX, as I have taken all the effort for you.

The only thing you have to do is, just use the list of questions I prepared and with that, identify the perfect video maker for you in Hyderabad.

These are not just questions, but I have also provided the rationale for it.

Why waste your time? Go through these questions and start identifying the right corporate video maker for your brand in Hyderabad.

(Are you looking for corporate film makers in Hyderabad ? Click here and submit your details and we’ll FIND you the best corporate film makers in Hyderabad right away)

50 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Corporate Film Maker in Hyderabad

1. What makes your production team qualified for our brand?

The basis of this question is: who’ll be working on your project; do they have experience in working such projects; or, are they freshers.

2. Can you deliver my product within my budget and timeline?

You want to know whether the filmmaker you’re hiring can deliver within your budget and your timeline. You can even check with references to understand what sort of value they provide, at what price and is that within the timeline.

3. How will you make my video unique and interesting?

The team you are working with should communicate your brand’s core values and understand your business better. The proposed video should be engaging and interesting enough for the target audience.

4. How your team plans to communicate my brand’s message?

A clear discussion about the details of your project is a MUST. This helps to get your project in a more professional way.

5. What are all contained in your package?

This question will answer what services you’ll get in the package. Sometimes, video marketing and advertising costs are not included in the package.

6. Are your filming and editing tools comply with the highest technology standards?

As better technology will help get you the best video for you, you should insist them to use high quality tools and software for your video.

7. What is your policy on copyrights of the footage?

Many people are not aware of this issue. You should make clear who owns the copyright of the final product, and to what extent.

8. Do you have prior experience in my industry?

The answer will provide you some idea if they are familiar with your industry and brand, as the chances are high for a good product if they have prior experience.

9. How much my involvement is required in this project?

This will help you to understand what level of involvement they are expecting from your end and how much time you can spare.

10. What are your other current projects?

Working on multiple projects shows how they are able to manage them at a time. Also, it shows how other companies believe in them in assigning projects.

11. What are your distributing methods?

A right video is just not enough to reach your target audience, but the distribution methods are also important. Distributing your video in the right channels and at right spaces is equally important.

For example, LinkedIn is a better medium than Facebook for a corporate video.

12. How long have you been in this business?

The longer they are in this business, the more experience they gain in this domain of video production and marketing. So their experience is also an important factor.

13. How many corporate videos have you produced till now?

A question like this tells their experience and the amount of work they have done in this domain. It is always better to work with someone who has more experience than who have lesser or no experience.

14. What is the team structure for my project?

This is to understand how many people will be devoted to work on your project. If the team is BIG, the chances are your video will be done soon.

15. Is there a difference in your company culture and ours?

Working with a company identical to your ideas, thoughts and visions helps to understand your business better.

16. How do you know that a video is successful or not?

Each video is measured by some metrics. That includes the production and quality and also on the basis of how many awards and acclaims a video has received. Views, clicks and leads are also considered for a video’s success.

17. What is the best video you have ever made?

This is to understand their work ability and potential. If they provide you a video of low caliber, then their ability is pretty low in video making.

18. What have been your biggest challenges and how did you overcome it?

This tests their problem solving capacity and their acceptance to their mistakes. This gives you an idea about the mistakes they made and how they dealt with them.

19. When is the earliest you can start the project?

To test their level of preparedness, you can ask a question like this. This also shows how they can manage the expectations of other clients at the same time.

20. What timeline do you propose for the project?

It is good to know when you can expect the movie from them. Mostly, people find it difficult to meet their timelines, and that could lead to cost escalation. So it is important to make it clear about timelines.

21. What potential problems we may face in this project?

Are any problems anticipated during the process and if so how to avoid that, is essentially what I mean here. This also shows their level of preparedness and the ways to deal with it.

22. How will communication and edit requests be handled?

Communication is an important aspect of every video production process. An effective communication is a MUST between you both. You should ask them the channels of communication and also should know if it will work on channels such as email, chat, WhatsApp, and other common online workspaces.

Documenting the communication via emails is what I personally prefer and recommend to you.

23. How good is your team in script writing?

This helps you to know if the team has good script writers. If I were you, I would ask them samples of past scripts they have worked on.

24. Does the creative team understand my business?

The creative team should be able to understand your vision and your brand. Many corporate movies that were not successful were because there was a mismatch between the organization’s vision and the film maker’s team.

25. Can I have a look at your previous script work?

This gives you an idea about their level of creativity and thought process in scripting. You can decide what to expect regarding the quality of the script for your project.

26. Can I have a look at the design assets that you have created for your clients?

Design assets such as animated characters, background score sets, montage videos and other things can be borrowed from different online sources. Having a look at the work they have done previously for their clients, gives you a feel of quality and the kind of work you can expect from them.

27. Will the designer be using stock characters or custom design things for us?

Using stock characters that they have already used will save your budget to some extent. If you want fresh materials or custom designs in your project, then your budget should be adjusted accordingly.

28. How many voiceover options do you have?

Multiple voiceover options give you a variety to choose for your brand. You can decide whether your brand needs a woman’s or a man’s voice. A voice of a young man or a woman in their mid 20s or 30s could be a right choice.

(Are you looking for corporate film makers in Hyderabad ? Click here and submit your details and we’ll FIND you the best corporate film makers in Hyderabad right away)

29. What’s the payment schedule?

A discussion regarding on payment schedule is important. Usually there is a payment on hourly basis initially and then in chunks at later stages. This method helps to assess their work at the initial stages and if you are not satisfied, the quality can be tweaked based on your ideas and vision.

30. Who owns the final files, videos and assets?

Owning the rights to the contents in the project is a matter of concern. If open source materials are used, there is nothing to bother. But the production house may want to use your video to showcase their work at events and ceremonies. At the end, it depends on you and your company policy as how you want to go about it.

31. Can you provide me three clients for reference purposes?

You can ask for references of their past clients. Any person would like to have a sense of the quality of work by the production house before committing to a new project.

32. When did you complete your recent corporate video?

A production house may work on multiple projects in a year. This question will gives you a sense of the production house’s professional engagement and their ability to keep up with the changing trends of the industry. If they are well-equipped, you can be assured of a good video for your brand.

33. What problems did you face when you onboard companies like us for corporate film making?

Usually a lot of communication happens between you and the video production team regarding revisions and quality improvement throughout the process. When they face any problems in your project, you need to invest some time to discover solutions beforehand.

34. What was your average project cost for the last 6 months?

Breakdown of the cost structure is an important factor. A question on project cost will help you to understand any cost escalation from the initial estimates. Also, you can analyze what factors are responsible for change in the cost and how to control them in your favour.

35. Do you guys have insurance?

I think this is an important question to ask. A mention of the insurance in the contract is good for both the parties.

37. What is the purpose of the video?

Any video production process has an objective. My opinion is, it is important for any brand to define their objectives and goals with respect to the overall making and marketing of their video.

38. What are our key messages here?

There should be certain key messages for your target audience in your video. If you miss to communicate those to your audience, then your video will not stand-out in the crowd.

39. Who are our target audience?

Unless you are aware of the audience’s tastes and preferences and take steps to address them, I would say, you missed to identify your target audience. The REAL ROI in building a marketing video is when you identify your target audience.

40. How will you measure results or ROI?

These days, corporate film makers are good at making a movie, but they don’t know about the analytics part of it. ROI on video marketing can be calculated easily. If you want to know how to calculate the ROI on your video, you can click here.

If that is difficult, I can even help you to talk with my team and they will explain it to you. Click here if you want to book a free session.

41. What emotions are we trying to evoke here?

The kind of emotions you would like to evoke with your video is as important as the end goal and the message for your audience. A video is preferred over text as it makes people feel good and make them experience their emotions. Do remember, an inspiring video will be shared by many people.

42. Who should approve the final video?

There should be clarity on the final approval for the video. In bigger organisations, the final decision rests with a team rather than one person. My opinion is that, more the people in decision making, more the video making process will be delayed.

(Are you looking for corporate film makers in Hyderabad ? Click here and submit your details and we’ll FIND you the best corporate film makers in Hyderabad right away)

43. How will we host, produce and package final video?

It’s your job to figure out the right channels for your video and your target audience. Those channels could be Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wistia or other platforms. Eventually, you could also distribute the snippets of your video through Vine and Instagram. A strategy should be in place for producing and packaging your video.

44. Do you understand video marketing?

Video marketing is also an important aspect of a good video production company. They should be able to get traffic, views and call to action on the videos.

45. Are they a good value for your money?

For any project, value for money is basically defined by what you get in return. If you spend a lot and don’t get them in return, then it is of no use.

46. Do they listen?

Here, I mean the feedback and how the video production companies respond to it. A company that doesn’t take feedback seriously cannot excel in their job. You may alternatively try to see if your views are incorporated in the video.

47. Are they organised?

A well-organized company assures you that you won’t face many issues during the process. Hence it is important to choose a company who is in the trade for a long time and organized.

48. Do you guys have any geographical restrictions?

Your prospect video maker should be able to go to different places as per your requirement to shoot the video. Usually they do business locally and going to other places could be an expensive process.

49. What is your core expertise?

A critical question to ask is about their core expertise. This helps you to find out their strengths when it comes to working on your video.

50. Do you provide video revisions over time?

Your product may need revisions before finalization. The number of revisions they provide should be clearly mentioned in the agreement.

If you are also planning to create a video, find the fair price through our video price calculator – here

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