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Vidsaga is an Indian-founded company with extensive Indian video production expertise, producing videos for Corporate to Startups. Brands such as Shell, Hindustan Times, VIP Bags, Amazon, etc opted to work with us because our platform streamlines the video creation workflow and allows them to seamlessly manage video production efficiently. We have every resource that India’s Organization needs.

Videos Created

Trusted by Startups and Modern companies from 16 countries (in last 12 months)

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Vidsaga is a global platform (managed marketplace) for Organizations to create videos.
Consider it as ‘Upwork dedicatedly for Videos’ + Milestone based payment terms +
Agency like project management + Standard delivery time + After delivery support.

Startups and SMEs across the globe can save a good amount of money on video creation
by using the platform.

Currently, Startups and SMEs from 16 countries (USA, UK, India, Australia, Singapore,
UAE, Canada, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Finland, South Africa, Norway, Nepal, France,
and Portugal) have used the platform to create Videos.

You pay once a milestone is achieved and see some real work
  • 10% (refundable) – to kick off the project
  • 30% – after storyboard approval
  • 30% – after the first draft
  • 30% – after final video approval
Standard industry (worldwide) practice is – 50% advance and 50% after approval
For Animation videos
  • 60 second – 7 days
  • 120 seconds – 12 days
Standard industry (worldwide) practice is – around 3 weeks