Global Animation Explainer Video and Editing Price list: Vidsaga (2022 Edition)


  • We are running a month end discount of upto 30% (valid till Jan 31′ 2022).

  • We follow “Milestone based Payment terms” where you can kick off the project with just 10% refundable amount

  • Delivery Time – 7 days

  • We also provide “After Delivery Support” for 1 month

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We at believe that Video Production should be easy, efficient, and cost-effective

Generic online marketplaces like Upwork/ Fiverr etc. only help with matchmaking for video creation and are thus ineffective.

Media/ Ad Agencies get things done but they charge 5-7x more than usual.

We solve this problem by bringing the best of both worlds and providing below featured on top of a marketplace. So far, 1250+ Startups and SMEs from 15 countries have used the platform.

  • High quality in best price (save money)
  • Milestone based payment terms
  • Agency like professional project management
  • 7 days (Standarized) delivery time
  • After delivery support

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Video Production Pricing Guide

The first question we get at from 9 out of 10 prospective clients is – Please let me know an idea of your pricing?

So in order to help Startups and Marketers globally, we created this transparent video pricing guide to decode the video production pricing.

The idea is to make it easier for Startups and SMEs to figure out the right price and devise their video marketing strategy accordingly.

In this article, you will learn

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What are different types of Animation styles for Businesses?

Motion graphics

In these kinds of videos, graphics come and go on screen (Graphics are in motion). The Voiceover or text in the video is added to communicate the content.

These are most impactful and the best investment considering the video marketing services costs.

The motion graphics price is calculated on a per-minute basis.

Whiteboard Animation

A video style similar to explaining something on a White Board. Basically, a static image is drawn on a whiteboard with a voice-over narrative.

Effective for explaining a concept but visually it might not look as appealing as Motion Graphics.

2D Character Animation

Animation style where a character is shown and animated with expressions. Objects and characters have a motion only in 2-dimensional space.

Effective in conveying emotions.

3D Animation

In this Animation style, another dimension is added to make the animation realistic. This video style requires effort for every second of video created and hence the pricing of such videos is on a ‘per second’ basis.

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Creative and Professional Video Production Price

The below video production price packages include

  1. Video Creation
  2. Account Management (Quality assurance & Timely delivery)
  3. Script Writing
  4. Voice Over charges

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Tool based Animation (Basic Quality) : Price – $400 $280* per minute

* Price is in USD

These type of animations are made using DIY tools. These tools have limited graphics and have their own constraints.

Having said that it’s a good way to get started with video marketing as these videos are cost-effective.

Most freelance video creators at generic marketplaces create tool-based animation.

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Good quality – Semi customized Animation : Price – $800 per minute

A semi-customized video with less animation. These are generally used to explain product functionality.

High quality – Fully customized Animation: Price – $1200 $840 per minute

** Offer is valid till Jan 31′ 2022

A completely customized video with all the characters, background, and graphics are created from scratch to give a unique & fresh look to the video.

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Product Video (Graphics + Stock Footage) – Price : $1200 $840 per minute

If you do not want to explain your product/ solution through animation, this is an alternative.

Use relevant Live shoot stock footage and add aesthetic graphics to explain your offering or tell the story.

3D Animation videos (Walkthrough Video)– Price : $40 $36 per second

If you are looking to provide a walkthrough of your luxurious apartment/ property to your users. We would create the exact interior with perfect measurement.

3D Animation videos (Product Video)– Price : $45 $40.5 per second

When it comes to the demonstration of a product, 3d animation videos are to the rescue. Apart from product demonstration 3d modeling is the top choice for the real estate sector, medical and clinical demonstration.

3D Animation videos (Character Animation)– Price : $90 $81 per second

If we have to show hyper-realistic 3D animation and require quality precision work such as the real-life process of manufacturing, or explain science videos or do a walkthrough of a property then we should opt for such high-quality 3D animation videos.

Silhouette Animation – Price $1400
per minute

Silhouette Animation has got popular lately. If you want to animation video but wish to avoid cartoon characters, then you can opt for Silhouette animation video type.

Parallax Animation Video from Still Images: Price $1400 per minute

The Parallax effect can be created on still images to look more like a slow-motion video type works. If you want to avoid Live shoot video but at the same time do not need animated characters, you can choose the Parallax effect.

App demo video: Price – $300 $270 per minute

App demo videos are mainly made for training purposes. Users do appreciate it if they can watch such demo videos.

Intro/ Outro/ Promo videos – Price $300

These videos are made on Adobe After Effects. The typography with quick music beats makes such videos good for intro and outro for any larger video.

These videos can also be used as promo videos. The price is for “up to 30 seconds”.

Event Invite videos – Price $400
per minute

These videos are a quick and classy way to introduce your company or invite you to an event. Easy, cost-effective, and never fail to leave an impression on the audience.

Software demo videos: Price starts from $300 $270 per minute

This video type works best when we are looking to present the working of the web app/ mobile app.

Record the screen and a Voiceover to demonstrate how your product works.

E-Learning editing: Price starts from $150

Graphics and editing play a major role in binding the viewers when you are creating an e-learning course module. This type of video is the best to glue your audience to the courses.

Lyric videos: Price starts from – $300 per minute

If you want to add graphics and music to your lyrics

Presentation videos: Price starts from $300 $270 per minute

Presentation videos can be considered as a simpler version of corporate videos and a better option than a PowerPoint presentation.

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Hope this article answers the most frequently asked questions – how to price video production and how video marketing pricing is calculated.

Milestone based Payment Terms

Unlike other video production marketplaces, we at Vidsaga follow a User-friendly – “Milestone-based payment structure” so that you actually see the work before you pay.

Here is how it works:

  • 10% (refundable) – to kick off the project
  • 30% – after storyboard approval
  • 30% – after the first draft
  • 30% – after final approval

Delivery Time7 days*

*For 60 seconds video

For 120 seconds – 12 days

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After Delivery Support

Support period – 1 month

No. of revisions (after delivery) – 2

Bulk Discount

  • 2 to 3 Videos – 5% additional discount
  • 4 to 7 Videos – 10% additional discount
  • 8 to 15 Videos – 15% additional discount
  • 15+ Videos – 20% additional discount

** All discounts are valid till Jan 31′ 2022

About Vidsaga

Vidsaga is a global marketplace for Startups & SMBs to create Videos and save money. So far, 1250+ Startups and SMEs from 15 countries have used the platform.

Consider it as “Upwork/ Fiverr dedicatedly for videos”. + Milestone based Payment terms

+ Creative script writing

+ Agency like professional project management service

+ 7 days delivery

+ After delivery Support

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The idea is to add Technology, Creativity and Transparency in the highly unorganized Global Video Production service industry and make  easy, efficient and cost effective video production process for 100 million+ global startups and SMEs. 

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